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I usually don't post in forums, but this topic infuriated me so much that I had to let everyone know what has happened.

A little information, I have been vegan for about 9 months and before turning vegan had gone to numerous fast food restaurants. Obviously, turning vegan has limited my options immensely, but I have found a few chains, that I can for the most part trust. Subway is one of those options.  Over the past few months, I have noticed that the 3-4 subways in my area have stopped carrying carrots and spinach, which we all know both provide valuable nutrients to both vegans and omnis alike.  Also, when ordering a veggie sandwich, I had to ask 3-4 times to get an appropriate amount of veggies to make up for the lack of meat.  They employees seemed almost defensive for being bothered with a nonmeat eater's request.  Upon inquiry to the loss of my favorite veggies, I was told that they stopped carrying them.  I decided to take action and email the company directly, telling them why having more vegetables is obviously a healtier option, something that Subway has been claiming for years.  I urged my friends and family to also take action and let Subway know that these veggies needed to be brought back.  Today, my mother received this generic response from the company, basically saying to suck it up...


"Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding  one of the items offered at
SUBWAYR restaurant.

In order to consistently provide satisfaction to our customers by offering
high quality food with exceptional service that is a good value, we must
continuously review our menu and the ingredients that we use.

Occasionally, we find that some items are not popular, some have declined in
overall popularity, some are in short supply or are difficult to work with.
In order for us to make room on our menu and in our restaurants for new and
exciting foods, we must sometimes choose to not offer or discontinue items
from the national menu. Some locations may continue to offer discontinued
items as a local item.

We understand that this sometimes makes a customer's favorite food
unavailable. Please be assured that there are still many other great tasting
items at your local SUBWAYR restaurant. Perhaps one of them may be your new

I apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate you taking the time to
contact us.  SUBWAYR looks forward to your continued visits."


I would just like to urge everyone to take a stand against Subway and let them know that we will not tolerate their other "new and exciting foods". 

Thanks for listening.

I like:
standing in line at Subway
waiting to pay $5 for a foot-long veggie
that's so full of vegetables that they have to try three different times to close it
the guy in line ahead of me
who has six sad looking meatballs and two slices of cheese
pay $5 for his sub, too

On-topic: Seriously, carrots have no business being on a sandwich in the first place.  BAN THEM FOREVER!


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That looks good. I find it interesting that they were introduced in the DC area and not Portland, OR. Right now I am just thankful for their "Veggie max" patty that I my ovo-lacto daughter loves. I checked for ingredients on line and it was not listed. Must fall under their "regional menu items" that are not on the web site :(


I have seen once or twice that they sometimes have a vegan pattie now, not sure what was in it completely but you cant advertise something as vegan when its not can you?

As for the lack of veggies if i want a lot of something i just tell them "extra ____" for that item and usually they then give a decent amount of it.


i definitely don't eat sandwich without a veggie on eat.



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