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Spain for vegetarians?

My dd15 and I are going to Spain for a couple of weeks this summer and will be staying with a Spanish (omnivore) family.  They are comfortable with our vegetarianism (we lean toward vegan but will eat eggs and dairy, so that will make it easier) but say the children/teens in the family won't eat vegetarian dishes.  Does anyone have tips for eating veg in Spain, particularly Madrid and Asturias around Ovieda/Gijon?

Um, we have a member, Yabbit, who lives in Spain, I'm sure she'd have lots of info for you if you PMed her. Or you could wait to see if she sees this post!


If the family is cooking for you they'll probably load up on eggs and dairy, so be warned...

El Corte Ingles is a huge store that's in bigger cities, you should be able to find some vegan specialty items in their supermarket (I actually hate that store but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway), there may also be co-ops with organic food and vegan items. Good tofu is near impossible to find, you'll have to track down a Chinese supermarket, there should be several in Madrid, though. As far as staples like beans and veggies those will be anywhere, so you should be fine for 2 weeks.

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