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Shreveport, LA

I'll be going to Shreeveport Fri-Mon for holiday-- any good spots to check out? I checked Happycow, but you can find so much from other restaurants! Thanks for any info

Update: Do NOT go to Pasado's Mexican Cafe. Their beans have lard and there are no vegetarian items at all. Guac is vegan, but when I  pieced together a meal, it was a few sad, undercooked vegetables-- mostly green peppers, 3 mushroom slices, and a few dirty carrot pieces. So sad. Stick to chips and guac/salsa if you must go. Pretty sure they have a drink menu for those who drink.

Plenty of fast food, little cafes that might be fine to try but I didn't go to any. Seems like we went to the most inconvenient places we could find-- Pasado's and Outback Steakhouse. There are a lot of seafood places, those always seem to be the worst. I used to live on the coast and even if you manage to get a vegan item, it'll still smell like fish.

A place called Counter Culture shows up as a veg. friendly place, but it's a yogurt shop. It was closed while I visited so I don't have a menu for it. Might have sorbet or something else vegan?

The sushi place at the boardwalk has a small vegetarian section. I ordered one roll and they served me a different one, but it was still super good. The one I ordered didn't have rice and was wrapped in cucumber I think. Can't remember the name but it's the only sushi place at the Boardwalk. They'll make custom rolls.

Can't vouch for any casino buffet's, but Horseshoe smelled like a gigantic armpit.

The Ramada Inn (I think is in Bosier, not Shreveport) had a crappy complimentary breakfast. Maybe it's better when it first opens, but there were only apples and oranges available (no bananas) and the grits most likely didn't have any butter in them.

The Airforce base (I forget the name) is badass. The BX is pretty awesome but gas is about the same price as it is outside.

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