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Restaurants in Milwaukee

I'm going to Milwaukee for my anniversary and was wondering if anyone has favorite restaurants there. I've checked happycow and the veg restaurant directory and already have a list, but I trust vegwebber's tastes!

Ive been to a place called Great Dane.. it's a brewery and serves meat too, but they did have some vegan options.  I had the african peanut stew, it was delicious and cinnamon-y.  It comes with a side of non-vegan beer bread though, which they didn't even bother bringing out to me cus i said no-dairy, eggs, etc.  Another place i head about when i was there but never got a chance to get to was called The Weary Traveller and i think they have even more veg options. 

if you happen to swing thru madison, be sure to stop at Monty's Blue Plate Diner.. I had the most delicious cinnamon swirl almond milk french toast there.  Plus, they serve breakfast all day - major bonus points there!


The Great Dane and the Weary Traveler are Madison restaurants actually - they are not in Milwaukee. They are great though!!

Milwaukee has a ton of great options for vegan food. They also have a great vegan bakery that is only open to the public for a few hours on Saturday morning, so if you have a chance you should stop. I think it is listed on the happy cow website, but it is called East Side Ovens. I really like the chocolate chip cookies!

Oh and the french toast at Monty's is great!! It is worth stopping for!


woops!  you're right - sorry!  i spent a month on the road all over wisconsin and it kinda all blurred together. 


Oh my gosh, you absolutely must go to The Safe House.  Check out the link for more of an explanation.  It is so much fun.  You need the secret word to get in.  You have to access the door from an alley.  There is a secret exit.  I can give you the secret word, but I can't post it here.  I could email it to you if you want it.  As far as food, I remember they had several vegetarian options.  My food was delicious.  I don't know what vegan options they may have had.
(Hint: Click on the red door to access website)


there are several places you can go to on the east side of milwaukee.... Beans & Barley on North Ave is awesome...lots of vegetarian and vegan options... and its right across the street from Whole Foods! um....Comet Cafe on Farwell is really awesome too... almost everything on their menu can be made vegan! check it out!!

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