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Restaurant suggestions in Mid town Manhattan

I am going to NYC for the weekend with some omni friends and one night we are going to a Broadway show. We would like to eat someone in the mid town area so we do'nt have to travel too far after and aren't rushed getting to the show on time. They are open to veggie options but there doesn't seem to be much in the theater district. We can of course go anywhere and I can find SOMETHING to eat but I don't get to go to veggie restaurants very often and would prefer to do that.

Any suggestions on that area?


my first thought is zen palate, it's right in the theatre district.


I don't know personally but you could try as they are a NYC restaurant listing site.


This reply is probably too late but you could go to Blossom.  It is not in the theater district but it is very far west (9th ave I believe) and only about 20 blocks away from the theater district so you can easily catch a cab and zip up town in time for your play (or leave an extra 20 minutes and just walk or take the subway or bus).  I would consider it to be pretty convenient since generally going across town is the traffic problem and not up or down.

My favorite restaurant resource for NYC is:

You can use it to search for vegetarian restaurants and restaurants by location and the view the menus on screen.

Have fun.

PS:  There are a bunch of Thai restaurants in or near the theater district and they usually have a bunch of veggie options including tofu, just ask for no fish sauce.

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