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Red Lobster??

Hey lovely Vegwebbers!

This is totally last minute & random but...
I am going to be at Red Lobster for dinner tomorrow night for my boyfriend's dad's birthday dinner. I was wondering if any of you had eaten there and/or know if there's anything semi-decent on the menu that's vegan. I know it's a long shot but I thought I'd ask!  :)

Thanks in advance for any tips!  :)>>>

I always had trouble eating there as L/O vegetarian.


omg good luck :( i don't see even a side salad without non veg crap on it!!!


I wish I could help, I hate that place. Let us know what you ended up eating!


You mean RL is still around? Freak show! They weren't all that good in the 70s...


Thanks, everyone...sounds dismal though! Luckily, we are having Indian food for lunch so I won't be too hungry!! :-P


So, here's the report:
Shockingly, I would NOT recommend Red Lobster as a destination spot for vegans. It's quite amusing/amazing how they fit meat/seafood into even salads and nachos.

However...the wait staff was abnormally helpful & professional. Our waiter was super helpful & came back with a sheet of all the menu items & what "allergens" they had in them. So, I ended up with a baked potato (actually very tasty - I had a side of oil & vinegar with it, hold the butter), broccoli, wild rice pilaf, and a few of my boyfriend's french fries.

Overall, not great but at least I scraped by!! :-)


great! glad you had something to eat with such lame menu items :)

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