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raw times health bar in huntington, wv

aka the only place i can go to eat where people understand about 'vegan' and don't give me crazy looks.

i love this place.  it is a tad expensive, but i understand why since produce and healthy items ARE expensive.  so i can't afford to eat there often, but today i was having a bad day and just couldn't face going home to eat my 2 day old spinach curry again.

the people there are SO SO nice and sweet, it's a husband-wife combo with a couple of small children.  the restaurant used to be entirely vegetarian/vegan but they almost went out of business (go wv  :-\) so they added some chicken and turkey to the menu.  now there's only about 4 veggie options, but they're so accomodating that you could veganize just about anything with no problem.  they even let me add tofu to my veggie sammich for no extra charge.

ANYway, their business is booming, so they're opening a sit-down type restaurant a few blocks from their current location and i was talking to the lady about it today.  she told me what they would have that i could eat (mostly sammiches and pizza stuffs) and when she got to the dessert part, she was like, i guess you can't have any desserts...  i was like, why?  and she apparently doesn't know much about vegan baking and how to sub things.  i was like wait wait wait, i had brownies and lemon squares just LAST WEEK, friend!  we eat sweets if we want, and they are awesome!  she seemed to think that was cool and told me that maybe in 6 months or so i could do some baking for their restaurant!  what!!!  i don't know if she was really serious, but i would love that so much.

i'm going to start making desserts every week and taking them to her so she can get an idea of how yummy vegan desserts can be!  can anyone say 'cupcakes'?!

awesome!!  congratulations - that's so exciting!!!  i bet that totally boosted your day  ;)b


Oh, AP that is AWESOME!!!! I bet you are stoked. Soon your vegan treats are gonna be the talk of the town.

Someday I plan to open a bakery/bikeshop/bookstore, and when I do, I'll PM you for recipes!


That's great AP!  Bring on the desserts.

I don't get why people think vegans eat dull boring food. 

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