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Portland, OR

My husband and I are visiting friends in Portland in a few weeks. I know Portland is one of the "veganest" places to be, and I have a few spots that I'm definitely visiting. has given me lots of ideas, but I need help narrowing it down (we'll be in town for a week).  If you live in or have visited Portland recently, where do you like to eat?

I went to Proper Eats when I was in Portland a few months ago. It's a bit out of the way, but my omni friend and I really really liked it. I took seconds on dessert even though I was stuffed. I wouldn't recommend the juices though, stick with water as your beverage.


I don't know if you've already gone to Portland but you should contact uiser propinecone. She just went to Portland and did a lot of research and ate at a lot of places!


omg - theres so much food... i felt like i was eating 3 meals a day plus random snack/meals in between!  i actually used your link to that stumptown site to get a list of places together before i went and i was not dissapointed...

voodoo doughnuts if you like dense cakey donuts.. all the vegan ones are banana donuts with just different toppings and glazes, btw.

flavorspot food truck for vegan waffles.. i had a fluffer nutter one, but they also have veggie sausage and others too that looked really good.

paradox cafe for yummy apple cornmeal pancakes and tofu scrambles. their biscuits and gravy were 'meh'

vege thai had really good thai food with veggie chicken and steak, their veg shrimp isnt vegan though

los gorditas mexican food truck for lots of vegan food clearly labeled - really good burritos!

vita had deep fried 'fish' and chips - (tofu) yum - they also had an amazing mac and cheese on special that had artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, black olives, pesto and portobello mushrooms.

blossoming lotus has vegan soft serve - peppermint was the flavor they had when i was there, it was delicious!

laurelthirst public house - decent pancake but more vegetarian options, less vegan ones.

the bye and bye is an all vegan bar that i went to but it wasnt physically possible for me to stuff anymore food into my face so i just drank.  i hear the foods great and the jukebox is also full of good stuff.

sweetpea bakery - an all vegan bakery/coffeshop with yummy blackbottom chocolate cream cheese cupcakes (they also had a pumpkin/cream cheese version)  it's in the same building as the herbivore store, the vegan tattoo parlor and food fight - the vegan grocery.  so you can go stock up on krispy kat bars and vegan makeup.

there might be more.. if i think of any i'll add em!  have fun eating!

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