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Orlando Vegan Restaurants

i really want to share the most exciting news (first on the list!) but rather than make a dedicated thread to that one, i figured it would be most beneficial to simply have a thread of central florida veg-friendly dining options, since they're out there and folks should know.

- cafe 118: vegan, raw, organic.  aw, yeah!  will visit once i've saved friviously dining-out money.  in the meantime, peruse:

- ethos vegan kitchen: yes, their menu is limited, and yes, they are miles away (literally and figuratively!) from chicago diner in its namesake city and the laughing seed in asheville, nc, but dangit, they are here and trying.  they now serve beer and wine - beer from our local orlando brewing company, nonetheless!

    what's the dilly, philly: delicious.  seitan, peppers, nayo; have it on ciabatta.  i add srirachi to mine, and yum.
    pecan encrusted eggplant: flippin delish.  try it, please.
    sheep's pie: my bf is addicted to it and eats it almost every time we go.  so try this too, please.

you should also know that they have sunday brunch, daily lunch specials, and hold monthly freecycle events.  you just have to love them!  oh, and you can sit outside in a rad, shaded patio.  or, you can sit inside and look at the art.  either way.

please add!  please add!  all i have time to elaborate on now.  but this is by no means it!  to be revisited...

I just ate at both of these restaurants last weekend!  Cafe118 was amazing!  They are a little pricey ( I spent $30 just on myself for lunch), but the cherry chip ice cream for dessert was worth every penny.  We went to Ethos for dinner and they were having a BBQ night and music on their back patio.  We both had the BBQ platter with seitan kabobs, grilled squash, corn on the cob, baked beans and cole slaw.  It was pretty good and went great with a beer! 


Went to Ethos when I was in Orlando a few weeks ago and I got the philly cheesesteak and also a 10" pizza. Both were amazing but I have to say that the pizza was one of the best I've ever had. It had that junky greasy pizza place taste to it which was amazing and washed it down with a root beer. Everything I had there was awesome. Also got a few chocolate chip cookies. Yummm! Pretty inexpensive and everyone working there seemed awesome too.


Ethos is the best resturant I have been to.  I was not a big fan of the tacos ( a special they had going on) because I do not like TVP.  The sheeps pie was really good and filling.  The pizza was good too.  I had brunch and really enjoyed.  The pancakes are big and filling.  A must visit resturant if you are in the area.


I had Sunday Brunch there, and the breakfast burrito was HUGE and yummy. All of my non-vegan friends enjoyed their banana pancakes - one friend thought the biscuits and gravy "just didn't taste right" but that's to be expected, and no one really thought the Canadian bacon was realistic except me. But that aside, it was a total success! Their cookies are fantastic too, I had two even on a massively full belly. I also picked up some Primal jerky while I was there. Good experience. :)


1. Went to Ethos a second time - the Dilly Philly is awesome, I agree with everyone! Their cookies are to die for too :)
2. Raphsodic Cooperative Company (a vegan bakery) is incredible; you MUST go there and try their mini-cheesecakes!


I've been to Ethos and had the Dilly Philly and some cookies.  It was really good.  I went because last year at Veg Fest they had the best Vegan 'meatball' subs and my son kept on going back to buy more cookies. 

Dandelion Cummunitea Cafe is another great place to eat.  They have vegetarian food but, most is vegan and it all has vegan options.  The tea is amazing.  I love love love the Green Garden of Eden tea.  The garden there is beautiful and you can eat inside or outside.  I love the decor inside.  I love this place :)


Oh yeah, another great place is Infusion! It's another veg-not-vegan place, but they have many vegan options, including an incredible vegan mushroom & spinach quesadilla!

I've been meaning to go to Dandelion, maybe I'll swing by there next time I'm in the Orlando area :D

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