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Oh Toronto- What to do???

So I'm traveling to Toronto for a few days soon... I don't know the area. Anyone have any suggestions for good restaurants vegan/veg friendly / cool-ish bars / music venues, anything else I should really see or do there?


I would check out the Kensington Market area...for the market itself, also there are some veg restaurants, awesome vintage clothing stores, bars...lots of stuff to see.


Um Fresh and Fressen.


I always research cool things to do when I travel and then I end up sitting in my hotel room watching TV.


This is an amazing restaurant.  They weigh your food to determine the price of the meal.



excellent! Thanks for the info... Yeah I'm trying to avoid sitting in a hotel room, it's far from fun!


If you are in to hockey, The Hockey Hall of Fame.  I haven't been but all of my friends that have gone thought it was great.  Not sure why I haven't been as I am a huge Montreal Canadians fan.

Makes me kind of an outcast in Toronto.  :o

The CN Tower.  Went up it over 20 years ago:


very cool... thanks everyone for the input- anywhere fun to drink/hang out... thats low key and hip-ish and non douchey?

I've never really gotten into hockey, but I never liked basketball till last year- so maybe I should check it out.


Sneakydees (sp?) is pretty good.
Good people watching spot too!


The Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto is the first Hard Rock in North America. The second in the world.

Neat to read:

Haven't been drinking in downtown Toronto for quite some time as I don't work downtown anymore.

None the less, the Hard Rock is a fun place.

Another great restaurant.  It is Greek.

I have had their vegetarian souvlaki and their vegetarian Mousaka.  Both really good and a lot of food!  Too much actually.

Oh, I should mention I have never eaten inside the restaurant.  Have only eaten there in the summer and sat outside on thier patio.


Oh, there might be some suggestions here:


Kensington is sweet-  try king's cafe, or urban herbivore (DELICIOUS sandwiches!) Commensal is also awesome. Kensington market in general is a cool place to go. I also like queen west.


Hey hey, I live in the TDot. It's a great city, glad you're coming here.

I'm going to assume you're staying downtown. Sneaky Dee's (as mentioned) is a great hang out/bar place with yummy veg*n tex-mex food. Near there (College and Bathurst) is Bistro 422, and another bar called Karma, both are cool. Still it that area is Manic Coffee, indie and good but very trendy...I often feel like my jeans aren't tight enough to be there or something. On Bloor at Bathurst there is a GREAT sushi placed called Sushi on Bloor, it's cheap with lotsa food...but the (free) miso soup has fish base so don't eat it. Java House on Queen near Bathurst is cheap and is also near Fressen (more expensive...but AMAZING). Fresh is yummy and you can find one at Spandina and Bloor or Spadina and Queen. Hhhmmmm other bars...The Red Room and The Green Room are both fun too. OH!! Buddha's (a Chinese veg*n place) at Dundas and Spadina is really really good as well...actually, I think it's totally vegan, lotsa mock 'meats'. The Green Beanery (right at Bloor and Bathurst) is a fun little cafe too.

For fun stuff/bars/movies/music/spoken word/resaturant reviews/etc. check out as well as New ones come out each Thursday and they can be handy for finding stuff happening during the week in Toronto as well as helping with restaurants. Anything else? I'd be glad to help you find something if you need it. AND, if you are not staying in the core or you wantto get outside of the core, I would suggest checking out the Junction (my 'hood!! With TONS of great food and a couple of cool bars) as well as Rouncessvalles.

Happy travelling!!


thats so weird!  my little brother is visiting there next week!  the only suggestion i had was 50 toppings guy.  its just a vendor in the street, it was in the fashion district.  but you would go up and buy a veggie dog for a dollar or whatever and then you could top it with as many toppings as you wanted.  and he had at least 50 toppings there.  it was the most amazing part of my trip.... i did go maybe 4 years ago.  so he might not be there.  but who knows.


Ahhh you are all the best! Thanks so much for the suggestions- and lenorre, for the links- that was exactly what I was looking for!

I was getting a bit dis-heartened about this trip as I couldn't find much 'real' info other than the city sites. I was there driving through a few years ago and really loved it... Now I'm killing a few vacation days that I need to use by years end, and taking my first ever solo vacation- I picked a place I didn't know well, and where I didn't know anyone and thought I'd make an adventure out of it.

All of your suggestions are wildly appreciated and I'm way excited to see a new city!

Thanks again!

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