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New Veg Restaurant Opening in Asheville Tomorrow!

Hi Ashville Folks,

I got this message from a fellow student in my human geography class and thought I'd pass along the info. 

The grand opening of Firestorm Cafe and Books in Asheville is tomorrow May 24 and there are events all day.  It's at 48 Commerce Street, apparently there was a place called Edy's there before.  Free coffee all day and performances, and the place will be a worker-owned enterprise that will provide a venue for community-based events like meetings, classes, documentary films, etc.  And vegan food. 
I feel terrible that I can't be ther for the opening!  My sister's name is Kila Donovan and her partner is Even Scott (goes by Scott). 

This is their radio interview...

eta: It is her sister's restaurant in case that wasn't clear.  S

hey, thanks, mdv!
I didn't hear about this, but now hoopy~d and I will have another lunch place to frequent. Funny that you knew about it before me!


Cool, thanks Mdvegan. Maybe I'll pop in there today and check it out!

L2A, our horizons have now broadened!


I finally went to this today...great place!
The menu is all vegan and they had some vegan baked goods. The prices were very reasonable (6.50 for a vegan panini with a salad!)

i didn't eat because we had just eaten, but I can't wait to go back when I am hungry! We did get a brownie and a cookie that were pretty good. Really nice people too!

I'm so glad you heard about this.....I probably would have never found it otherwise-its a bit off the beaten path of downtown asheville, but not far or anything.



Gosh, it sounds like Asheville is the place to be.


Gosh, it sounds like Asheville is the place to be.

I know! I told P he needs to look for a job there after school..


I finally went to this place the other day and really enjoyed it.  It's cheap and the food was good, I had a seseme tofu wrap.  They also had a good selection of books that i enjoyed.  Thanks for posting this, although it is a 5 min walk from my house, I probably wouldn't have found it otherwise!


Yay for new vegan restaurants! I've been thinking about moving to Asheville once I graduate.  It seems like it would be different enough from Boston that I would have a new experience but I could still feel really comfortable in the community.  I guess I'd need to learn how to drive though  :-\

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