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Need help in Connecticut/RI

Looking for a fancy/upscale place to eat in CT or RI where I could take my girlfriend. I think it's about time for a sweet romantic dinner :)

She is an omni, but she is not really into red meat and seafood is not her favorite. I am happy with any vegan option even if it is a fancy pasta dish with salad or something haha.

let me know what you guys/gals think!


im gonna be up that way soon for awhile so i did some searching on  i found some good looking stuff but id suggest you go do a search.  i always type in 'vegan' and then the area 'new haven' etc.  then the restaurants that list themselves as vegan and the reviews where a person writes something like 'lot's of good vegan options' pop up.


My favorite new discovery in RI is Bacaro Restaurant:

It's not a veg restaurant, but they have a tapas menu with many veg options. The place is really nice and has a great upstairs seating area that looks at the open kitchen and also the Providence skyline.

Other than that - RI sucks for veg eating!


haha yeah RI does suck. I like nice slice pizza on slayer street but that's about it.

And thanks pinecone! i didnt even think of using Ill check it out!

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