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Montana Vegans/Vegitarians

I am the pantry chef at the Iron Horse Brew Pub in Missoula and I have finally convinced my boss to make us vegan friendly. Starting May 1st we'll have a Smokey Tempeh (my own recipe) that anyone can replace instead of meat for any of the sandwiches. We also have a black bean burger in replacement of any meat patty. 

:( I used to live there! (hence sad face) We went to Iron Horse a few times, and had the black bean burger. Good job! Hope to visit soon.


When we attended my brother-in-law's wedding in Missoula in August 2010, we stayed at Blossom's Bed and Breakfast a few nights and it was AMAZING!! Blossom, the owner, sat with me and my husband when we arrived and asked us all about what vegan products and dishes we liked best. Then she went out and bought them all and made us the most incredible breakfasts every morning. Talk about VEGAN FRIENDLY! I think we went to the Iron Horse Brew Pub but I can't remember what I had. If I ever go back, I'll definitely stop in for the Smokey Tempeh, and say hi!

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