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My husband and I are vegans in Missoula, Montana, and I just wanted to let EVERYONE know that if you happen to be anywhere near our area..please check out Tipu's Tiger Indian Cuisine. It's fabulous, and we love it so much. We tend to go for the lunch buffet ($6 each with online coupon), and we can usually eat everything on the buffet. If something isn't vegan, they put a star by its description on the menu board. Out of the many times that we have been there..usually it's just the corn muffins that aren't vegan. Today they had some different dish that was starred..and it wasn't vegan b/c it contained honey (I found it refreshing that they would star it for honey : )). Everything is delicious, and they are also well known for their chai (I'm pretty sure they have soymilk chai...we don't drink it though). Several of the dinner entrees aren't vegan, but if nothing have to try the vegetable samosas!! Has anyone else eaten here???!!!!  I would love someone to visit, and share it with us!  :)>>>

It is a darn shame that tipu's closed down.
I was so disappointed! I used to love the lunch buffet and the soy chai  :'(
maybe it's time we open a new veg restaurant? lol

There is a restaurant in Hamilton, MT called "Spice of Life" with vegan items on the menu like
Sesame Noodle Salad
Japanese Miso Salad
Tofu Wraps
Vegan Sushi

that's something!  ::)


I was pretty disappointed with the new owners. They were ex-vegans (!) and they made the wedding cake for our wedding...Too bad they messed up. They started serving meat and then the whole thing went down the hill... :(


well geez...I wish I would have known about this place a few years ago, when I was in Missoula. :(  I'll keep it in mind if I ever find myself back there some day.

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