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los angelenos: can anyone recommend a good vegan caterer?

for a wedding? thanks!

I don't want you to go responseless, but there might be only one person from LA proper who posts on the message board.  Does The Vegan Joint cater?


yup, vegan joint caters, as well as native foods ( and real food daily ( and probably a lot of other vegan places, but I've never gotten catering from any of these places. I've just been to the actual restaurant, and they're all good, just depends what food you like:

Vegan Joint does Thai/American food
Native Foods is regular healthy-ish vegan fare (sandwiches, salads, hot bowls, desserts)
Real Food Daily is similar, except more upscale and has stuff like "Salisbury Seitan" and lasagna.


thanks for the help!


Here's another vegan caterer to check out, Vegin' Out:

PS--They also do weekly delivery to all of SoCal for anyone else who may be interested.  I've thought of trying them out during busy weeks.

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