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Lake Winnipesaukee vegan spots?

Hey guys.  I'm planning a trip to the Lake Winnipesaukee area of New Hampshire and it doesn't look like there are many vegetarian options around the area, let alone vegan!  Just wondering if anyone has had any success around there...

Just in case anyone ever goes here, I found some spots where I could make do.  First, Cafe Indigo in Concord was one of the most amazing vegan spots I've ever been to.  You can find it on Happycow.

In Plymouth, Thai Smile has some great Thai and other types of Asian food and Junk Yard Dawgs offers veggie dogs, salads, and some vegan toppings. 

In Laconia, Shanghai has some vegan selections on the menu, but you won't be able to find much in the buffet.

Weir's Beach has a good Mexican place called The Crazy Gringo.

Don't try to go to any of the weird taverns and stuff.  Everything is soaked in butter and no one was really able to accommodate me in a satisfactory way.


This just makes me think about What About Bob?


OMG I love that lake!  My family vacationed there when I was a kid and I've been dreaming about getting back sometime soon.  I wasn't vegan at the time and all the places I remember were seafood restaurants.  There is a local grocery store though, so you can cook yourself if you stay in a cabin.  Definitely go there sometime, it's a great place...

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