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Jungle food in Laos

Simple hmong tribe meal in Bokeo rainforest, Laos :)
working for a wildlife reserve called the Gibbon experience last summer, this is what i ate every day! I highly suggest anyone planning to go oversees to see this beautiful rainforest, its worth every penny of your travels. did i mention you live in treehouses?!

heres a simple meal full of nothin but fire grilled veggies and sticky rice. 9/10 meals i ate were served with sticky rice which you roll up in your hand and dip in to your food. i still can't find out how they made their sticky rice so dang delicious or else i would eat it almost every day! going back to laos in a week so ill have more pictures to upload later :)

VegNews along with VegVoyages has a trip to Loas next year, as well as Thailand.  I'd love to go...I love SE Asia.  Was in Thailand a couple of years ago and loved the food.


yea! the food is simple, i love it!

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