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I'm comin' to Boston!

Hey there VW Bostonians!

I am coming to Boston next week! I'm feeling a combination of excitement and anxiety, as this is the first time I've travelled by myself and I really don't have much experience travelling at all. I arrive the afternoon of Thursday, May 27 and return home early morning Tuesday, June 1. I'll be busy with an academic conference Thursday-Saturday, but I have Sunday afternoon, Monday and Tuesday free to myself to explore Boston. I'm staying with someone I connected with through CouchSurfers in the Cambridge area.

Any recommendations for Veggie restaurants in Boston either in the Cambridge area or accessible via public transportation? How about yoga studios? I found a few online, but I figure personal recommedations are better. Also, are there any attractions or sites you recommend visiting while I'm there-- especially those not ordinarily visited by tourists? I would love to visit a few places that are off the beaten path. I have plans to take a tour around the Harvard campus and walk the Freedom Trail.

I highly recommend Veggie Planet in Harvard Square -

For more options, visit




Check out my trip report:
You must go to My Thai!


Awesome! Thanks veggydog, your report is really helpful.  And the website is awesome! I'll add Veggie Planet to my list of restaurants to visit. :)


algae and i went to red lentil and it was really good.  wheelers ice cream was good too - i had pumpkin chocolate chip, but i heard that they're hours are weird so maybe call ahead.

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