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Help! Im going to China and I dont know what to eat!

Alright so I am going to china with a few students and my sister during April this year. My sister and I are really really excited but the only thing I am kinda worried about is what I am going to eat. I know meat should be pretty avoidable, but Im kinda worried about eggs and milk. Especially egg.

So I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions as to what to bring. Right now I am planning on lots of Cliff Bars and maybe some Raw Revolution stuff (although I have never tried it.)

And has anyone ever tried that primal strip stuff or any other vegan beef jerky type stuff

any help would be greatly appreciated


Jake xvx

Also, tell your sister to invest in a Diva if she already doesn't have one if she could have her cycle while there.

I saw this and i didn't know what it was. I googled it...

bad idea


I can't remember really eating any fresh fruit besides watermelon and bananas.  L was  banana crazy so we always had them around.  I did pick up some veggies from walmart, but I put them in with the noodles at the end.  They weren't boiled.

Bottled water can be found at the little grocery stores.  I can't remember if we drank juice in the morning or not either.  I want to say we did.  The big thing I heard was about ice cubes now that I think about it.  Why I don't know, that and eating salads was another thing that people commented getting sick after eating.

We were able to get some medications from our doctor before we left.  One of them was a broad specturm antibotic that started with a C, but I can't think of the name of it right now.  You could always ask your dr to prescribe you some just in case.  It really upset my stomach though. 

Oh and when you get home you might want to get tested for giardia just in case.  There were a few people saying they tested positive for it even though they didn't have any symptoms. 


I did some googling and stinky tofu is typically not vegan. There's usually dried shrimp in the brine/soaking sludge/juice. So ignore my previous suggestion to be on the safe side.



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