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Has anyone been on a Royal Caribbean Cruise?

How is the food selection for vegans/vegetarians?
I see they have an email address that you can write to before your cruise to notify them of special dietary restrictions. Howe'ver, I have heard that they do not always take the time to read them... Anyone have experiences with this?

Thanks in advance.

I think that was the cruiseline I went on a few years ago and can't remember. 

The main dining room offered a vegetarian meal option which I took daily.  It was loaded with fat and refined carbs like rice, pasta and cheese but was very good.  I never asked for a vegan option. 

Being vegetarian was quite easy because there was always cheese pizza, salads, fruits, veggies, omlettes, etc. available. 

I'm sure being vegan would be easy too, but you might have to make a special request from the chef in the main dining room.  It wouldn't hurt to email them, but when you sit down for dinner every night be sure to tell the waiter what your restrictions are.  If they mess up send it back.  They are very eager to please and the next day will more than likely remember your diet. 

Have fun!


I've never been, but I know quite a few people who have taken cruises with that line. My boyfriend's grandma is diabetic and  is also allergic to wheat. She had no problem on the cruise, and she let the management know in advance about her dietary restrictions. She did complain that a lot of the food is high in fat. There are vegetarian options, but most are loaded with cheese, like pizzas and omelettes. They have things like oatmeal for breakfast, veggie sandwiches, pastas, and you can easily request no dairy or eggs. Just make sure to let them know in advance and also to let the waiter know before you order. Like Tweety said, hospitality staff is always eager to please and want to ensure you have a comfortable stay. Hope you have a great time!


I just got back from one, in fact. I didn't really discuss the whole veganism thing with our main waiter or with the that made dinner a little tough. But there is always a pasta and sauce at dinner in the main dining room so that option is always open. I just had to tell them not to put cheese on it.

Everywhere else, you'll be fine. The buffet style restaurant had a lot of choices. So I imagine if the dinners aren't working out for you in the main dining room,  you could eat in the buffet restaurant.

The pad thai at lunch was delicious (I think the menu is roughly the same on all ships). And last but not least you can sign up on the (I think that's it) message boards. I found a couple helpful vegetarian/vegan threads on there back before I cruised.

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