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Happy Vegan Restaurant experience

I had such a nice experience tonight during a buisness dinner, I wanted to share.  So I had to attend another function with my husband, downtown at a very expensive restaurant and I had looked at the menu ahead of time to be prepared.  When we arrived, wine and drinks were being served and the host (my husbands boss) ordered the appetizers.  Veggie eggrolls with a mustard garlic sauce YUM!  The waiter "Branden came up to us and said the host has told me you are Vegans and he then went over the entire menu, giving us all the veg. options AND if we wanted to pull apart anything from the menu, the chef would be glad to accomadate our needs. WOW, this is the first time a server has been so accomadating.  Was it becouse this was an upscale restaurant?  He even suggested that a side of the mushroom ragout was great over rice noodles, being careful to say that the noodles had no eggs, so sweet!  So we had the mushroom ragout,portabello,shitake and wild mushrooms over rice noodles, portabello pizza on a thin crust with Kalmata olives and onions, and a wild greens salad with citrus dressing-yes we pigged out on a Vegan feast and skipped desert and didn't feel guilty.  Just wanted to share, Ive so far never had anyone wait on me that cared that much about my dietary preferences-usually Im just accosted by a blank  stare when I ask about things on the menu and this time I didn't even have to ask.

Oops wanted to clarify that the eggrolls were springrolls, no eggs and we actually are not Vegans only practice this when we are out and about as I have my own chickens and we do still eat eggs,  I forget that not everyone may know this.


How cool!  I had my first experience in a vegetarian restaurant a few weeks ago.  I loved being able to go in and order a hot vegan option straight off the menu without having to ask what was in everything. 


Thats so cool . I used to always sending things back b/c they forgot to omit the cheeze or somthing like that. I know what you mean by the blank stare. I get it all the time . I realy need to hit a veg only restrant.  Aloha,,

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