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Garden Secrets Restaurant in Hot Springs - VEGAN

My family and I went to Hot Springs, Arkansas for a few days last week, and I was so excited to find out that the only entirely vegan restaurant in the entire state of Arkansas was in Hot Springs!  So my husband took me there two times, I had to get it to go (they stayed in the car eating Burger King ....) but I was still excited!  The smothered burrito with chik'n was Really good!

Since I live in very small town in East Texas, I am used to looking over a menu for the ONE or maybe TWO items I can eat, it was so awesome to have an Entire menu to choose from!!

Then, one night we ate at the hotel restaurant, I ordered a salad with balsamic vinagrette (it came with the bottle of oil and bottle of vinegar - did not like), and steamed asparagus and tomatoes - it was bland and mushy, did not like.  I was SO looking forward to the sweet potato fries, I get these all the time at different restaurants.  They had HONEY on them!  I had to send them back, my husband was irrtated with me, asking why I didn't tell them I was vegan, etc.  Well, I thought my order was safe, and I have never had anyone put honey on my sweet potato fries before .... then we get up to the room and I'm eating whole wheat crackers and peanutbutter because I'm still hungry .....

Anyway, please forgive the ramble, I really just wanted to share about the Garden Secrets restaurant in Hot Springs,


What did you get the other time?


the first time I got the garden panini sandwhich with sweet potato fries and a slice of turtle cheesecake - my very first vegan cheesecake!  The panini was good, but since I had to get it to go and I ate my sweet potato fries first, the bread was a little soggy by the time I ate it.  And the cheesecake was pretty good too, it had a good flavor, but I could tell that it had been frozen.  I was just so thankful that my husband actually took me there and didn't even gripe about it!


Yum! I have family in Little Rock and they go to Hot Springs a lot -- I'll have to try it!

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