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flying vegan options

Hello my fellow vegwebbers, I am curious what most of you do about food when flying. I am flying into seattle and I had a 4 hour layover from 7:30 to 11:39. Then a four hour flight to houston.

Any tips on what to bring with me on the flight or where to eat in the seattle airport?

Seattle airport is not too bad for food. You can click on each terminal to see restaurant options:


If I get an in-flight meal, I contact the airline ahead of time for a vegan meal.  It's usually pretty decent.  Check your airline to see what it's called.  It could be something like non-dairy vegetarian.  In the airport, there will be options.  Worst case is the always present Asian noodle place in airports.  Noodles suck ass, but it's better than nothing if you're hungry.  There will also probably be an Italian place for another noodle option.  Also, a lot of airports have Starbucks, so you can get soy mocha fraps.

If you pack your own food:
- pb & j
- salad with the fixings (I've gotten the fixings everywhere before, so maybe put it in a wrap)
- Clif bars
- nuts

I put my salad in a ziploc with a plastic fork, so when I'm done I can toss it all.  I'm not usually one for disposable options, but in this case it works.


My DD flew several months ago and was given hummus and crackers for her snack - but no way to open the cardboard tube thingie  >:(

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