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Favorite Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant in Your Hometown

Hi Everyone,

My husband and I are trying to compile a list of vegetarian/vegan restaurants to keep handy for when we are travelling. We tend to visit many different cities on business and for pleasure, so I thought I'd ask around for everyone's favorite eateries. I know this stuff is available through various websites, but I'm inclined to trust word of mouth more! So please let me know, and hopefully we'll get to check them out at some point or another. Thanks!!

Cinnamon Restaurant in the city of Los Angeles, CA (Highland Park community)

mmm yes tasty!  I like their tamales...finally some vegan tamales!

i don't understand why they label themselves a "vegetarian" restaurant when they serve meat?!?! that seems ridiculous

It's all fake meat, I believe.  The soy-based meals are probably VegeUSA type items (they make vegan prawns 'n stuff) and the wheat-based meals are probably seitan-based items.


oh okay that makes sense then :)


easy question- because there aren't any haha I know of one a little over an hour away but that's the only one that's ALL vegetarian, no meat. It's understandable tho, people aren't exactly dying for a no-meat restaurant in Kentucky. Luckily there are a lot of local Indian and Thai places that have TONS of vegetarian options. In Lexington there is the Curry House, Mandarin, and Tandoori to name a few. In Louisville, Shalamar, the Zen Garden (all vegetarian!), Thia Siam. I especially recommend Shalamar and Thai Siam, they are amazing!! Man now I want indian food, and of course the indian place I really like is closed on Mondays, hmph. lol


This thread makes me jealous >:(  Small town- mid-America is not the place for vegan fare.

The only vegan/veggie restaurant I've been to is in San Antonio, TX.  Greens Restaurant, I think was the name.  Their portabella burger was heavenly and the sweet potato pancake bliss.  Just being able to dine out and not be concerned about animals in my food was such a great feeling.


I like Chinese food, espeically Chuan flavour.It is spicy and hot.
picture of mine:



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