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Favorite Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant in Your Hometown

Hi Everyone,

My husband and I are trying to compile a list of vegetarian/vegan restaurants to keep handy for when we are travelling. We tend to visit many different cities on business and for pleasure, so I thought I'd ask around for everyone's favorite eateries. I know this stuff is available through various websites, but I'm inclined to trust word of mouth more! So please let me know, and hopefully we'll get to check them out at some point or another. Thanks!!

In Greensboro, NC I like the Boba House.


We should put these in the "Restaurants" tab at the top....I noticed there are hardly any in there.


If there is a chance that anyone is ever in my amazing hometown, Middletown, CT, stop at It's Only Natural Restaurant  After living in Portland, OR, Brattleboro, VT, and Hood River, OR... it's still my favorite vegan/vegetarian restaurant with the best atmosphere.  I promise it's the best thing ever.


I currently live in Greenbelt, MD... and most of our favorite places have already been mentioned...
Woodlands and Udupi Palace, both indian vegetarian in Langley Park...
The Mango Grove near Columbia, the Vegetable Garden in Rockville (and yes, the 8 Treasure eggplant is VERY yummy)...
Also love the Java Green in DC, the Liquid Earth (not veggie, but lots of veggie/vegan food and fresh juices and smoothies) in Baltimore (Fells Point area) and near College Park, the Berwyn Cafe (mostly vegan, cheap and great food).
We will soon be moving to the Worcester area in MA and have discovered the Sano Cafe there, great vegan and vegetarian food...


don' t hold your breath for veggie food if your come to Osaka and or Japan, it's a wasteland. If you want to eat veg you stay home and cook or go to an indian restaurant.
there is one, yes one veg place in this huge city it is called Green Earth the menu is pretty small but they do a good hot dog and chai. There is also a really good but expensive tofu restaurant on the top floor of the OPA building. it's serves a bit of meat though quite discreetly.
Sydney on the other hand is great. There is a fantastic vegan chinese place on King Street Newtown with a tiny little supermarket next door. It's called the Green Gourmet. There is also another great chinese place in china town that has great cheap yum cha at lunch, don't remember the name though. I'll give you an update when I get back and catch up with my vegan buddy in a few weeks. I only lived there a short time so still have to find places myself. So if there are any sydney siders out there your ideas would be greatly appreciated


Not that I live there anymore (but I used to live about 10 minutes away)... In Upstate New York about 20 minutes outside of Woodstock NY,  my favorite vegan/organic restaurant in the WORLD is The Rosendale Cafe. It's in Rosendale NY. As mentioned, it's Vegan/Organic and they walk the walk and talk the talk over there. All the tables, chairs, glasses, cups, cutlery is bought from garage sales (recycle...reuse). Whenever I go to NYC, I still make the 90 minute drive up there to eat. It's worth it!
Plus you can see some world class musicians playing. It's not unheard of to have David Bowie's back up band playing while they are in town recording (just one of the many, many great people to play there...too many to name).

Oh and Nubbyknowhow, I've been to It's Only Natural Restaurant in Middletown CT...and it is great! I highly recommend it as well  ;)


For any aussies, or friends visiting Sydney, my newly discovered vegan fave is 'Bodhi in the park'.

They have an asian inspired menu weekdays & delish yum cha on the weekend, all in a lovely park setting with reasonable prices & friendly staff. Do visit when in town, take the train to Mueseum station and walk accross the park to the catherderal.... you'll see it at the bottom of the steps. Enjoy!


In St. Louis, MO

It's called Shangri-La Diner in the Soulard/Layafette Square area. YUM!  I just ate here last week and had the Moroccan Stew (chickpeas, tomatoes and fire-roasted eggplant with really yummy spices)  It's cheap and locally owned.


Boston area (to second a lot of people):
Grasshopper in Allston
my fav is a veg-options place in Cambridge (lunch buffet only) called Indochine- try the peanut tofu!
Buddha's downtown (Chinatown) fully vegan mmm
The Other Side Cafe- Newbury/Mass Ave area
I miss Country Life but sadly they closed up a couple years back. anyone know if they went anywhere else?

DC/MD Area
Berwyn Cafe in College Park, MD
Sticky Fingers Bakery in DC
One World Cafe in B-more

Oklahoma City
Health Food Center is a mecca.
Tai Pei and Hunan Garden Buffet have very good veg options.
Falafel anywhere but I love Zorba's Mediterranean Cuisine


Ooh, a vegan friendly diner in St. Louis? Thanks DeuceO, I know where I'm going for my birthday. :P My parents might not even complain much, seeing as they can get fish...


Ooh, a vegan friendly diner in St. Louis? Thanks DeuceO, I know where I'm going for my birthday.  My parents might not even complain much, seeing as they can get fish...

I hope you enjoy this place as much as I did, MizzouKitten!  You have to really be looking for it, no big sign in front or anything.  It's just  a little place on the corner.  And the inside of the place is very...bright.  Lots of colors and glass beads hanging from the ceiling.  It's very unique and I love it!  Can't wait to go back.


No one has posted from Ottawa, Ontario yet. I have not been to all the vegetarian restaurants in the city (not that there are a lot of them), but the absolute best I have been to  is The Green Door on Main St.  Vegan organic buffet, the food is AMAZING.  Go early because it's always packed!


Toronto, Ontario - there are the ones I have been to off the top of my head but there are many, many, many more in this city
(the first 3 were mentioned above but they are so good they should be repeated anyway)
-Vegetarian Haven
-Lotus Pond
-Graceful Vegetarian
-Kings Cafe
-Tov Li

Guelph, Ontario, Canada  (vegetarian friendly city, most non-veg places have interesting vegan options, and not your plain old stirfrys)
-Cafe Aquarius (recently closed, all vegan and organic, catering available)
-Wild Organic Way
-there is also a vegan potluck group that meets monthly

Jerusalem, Israel
-The Village Green (amazing yam/broccoli pie)


I've collected a lot of hometowns, at this point :)

Berkeley, CA
Long Life Vegi House

San Francisco, CA
Millennium (fancy, but well worth it)
Pakwan (not exclusively veg, but the best Indian food you will ever taste; in the Mission)

San Diego, CA
Pokez (Downtown; the tofu machaca chimichanga is so good it should probably be illegal)
Mandarin Dynasty (Hillcrest)
Amarin Thai (Hillcrest)

Irvine, CA
Mother's Market
Veggie Grill
Native Foods (techinically it's in Costa Mesa)


Hey Everyone, you should all submit these places to VegWeb under the "Restaurants" tab so when traveling, we can all find a new place to eat!  I submitted the one in St. Louis. It's super easy, takes about 5 minutes.  :)  Then you'll get an email when your restaurant has been approved.



Chandra (Thai)
400 S. Arroyo Parkway
Pasadena, CA
***Highly recommended. I've never had a vegetarian/vegan entree I didn't like here. Plus, it's so affordable if you are on a limited budget.

Tibet Nepal House
36 E Holly St
Pasadena, CA 91103
Web Site:

Good Earth Restaurant
257 North Rosemead Boulevard
Web site:

Orean: The Health Express (Vegetarian Driver-thru fast food restaurant. Burges, shakes, healthy fries, Mexican, etc.)
817 North Lake Avenue, off I-210

Wild Oats(grocery store with a deli, vegan cookies)
603 South Lake Street, Pasadena

Whole Foods market (great deli, soup/salad)
3751 E Foothill Blvd, Pasadena, California (91107) 

Afloat Sushi (in Old Town Pasadena, they have several vegetarian/vegan sushi options...avocado, cucumber, gourd, mixed vegetable, etc.)
87 E Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 792-9779


For Seattle, there is a PDF file put together by Action for Animals that is updated at least twice a year and has all the names and addresses of vegan restaurants:


aww no third coast places lol
i live in tx.
i dindt see any restrants.
the only one i know of that is manly vegan is tango tea room.
the only meat they have is a chicken salad.
i forgot the name of this rad place in san antonio they cook veggie mexican.

ps millenium has a cook book.
i saw it at half price.

Where in Texas?  I know of 1 place that's a vegetarian restaurant, Greens in San Antonio (but I haven't gotten a chance to eat there yet), several others have vegetarian dishes.  In Austin, there's  Mother's Cafe on Duval and Veggie's Heaven on Guadalupe both of which I have eaten at and Casa de Luz which has been highly recommended to me and which I plan to try next time I'm in there.  There's Ying Yang Fandango & the Tango Tea Room (1 place) in Corpus Christi.  But most of the time, you have to look for Thai, Indian or other ethnic restaurants with vegetarian options.  Vegan *is* very hard to come by.  If you're passing through Uvalde (where I hang my hat), keep on going or stop at the HEB and grab a salad from the produce section.  Not only are there no vegetarian options at restaurants, the Burger King which is supposed to have a veggie burger on the menu is notoriously dirty.  In Del Rio, west of here, Jitra Thai Restaurant has a vegetarian section on the menu with several tofu dishes and the Vegetable Lo Mein is very good with a huge serving (that's what I had this past Thursday when I was there).  Don't try the buffet, there's no vegetarian dishes on it.  You have to order from the menu. 


Here in Croatia we have  only few restaurants.My favorite is vegan restaurant Makronova at Ilica  street 79 in Zagreb.However it is the most expensive vegan restaurant in town but with the largest  and most delicious selection of dishes. ;)


:D  Here in Tucson, I would have to say that there are 2.... "Govindas" if you enjoy Middle Eastern/Indian style vegetarian. "Lovin' Spoonfuls" if you are looking for vegetarian burgers/"chicken" items, etc....



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