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Favorite Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant in Your Hometown

Hi Everyone,

My husband and I are trying to compile a list of vegetarian/vegan restaurants to keep handy for when we are travelling. We tend to visit many different cities on business and for pleasure, so I thought I'd ask around for everyone's favorite eateries. I know this stuff is available through various websites, but I'm inclined to trust word of mouth more! So please let me know, and hopefully we'll get to check them out at some point or another. Thanks!!

San Diego

Jyoti Bihangi: All vegetarian/Many vegan options. Wonderful vegan "neatloaf" served with mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy. Amazing "mock duck" sandwich (think loose "meat" bbq sandwich). Good salad and wraps. Great chocolate mousse cake and apple pie (both vegan).

Sipz: Amazing all vegan chinese and thai restaurant. All the favorites (sweet and sour "pork", spring rolls, summer rolls, cashew nut "chicken" and many other greats).

Kung Food: All Vegan. Everything from "chicken" parmesan to fettucine alfredo. They also have drive thru that serves "burgers", "chicken" sandwiches and fries. Only thing is can get pricey inside because cafeteria style and price based on weight. But consistently good food. Great Sunday brunch and sometimes live entertainment. Serves organic beer and wine. Try the "softserve" - soo good!

Pokez: Not vegetarian but many vegan and vegetarian options. Authentic Mexican food. Rice and Beans 100% vegan. Great cabbage salad for starters. Vegan chimichangas are amazing. Soyrizo burrito, rolled tacos with potato, bean enchiladas, regular veggie burrito, fajitas. Don't be scared by the outside appearances or tattoed staff, food is very good.

Ranchos: Also not all vegetarian, but many vegan and vegitarian options. Authentic Mexican. Tamales are very good and soyrizo burrito.


another Seattle vegan restaurant worth checking out is my fav, the Wayward Cafe in the U-district.  All vegan and collectively operated, very friendly place.  If you love baked goods, Flying Apron bakery is really great, offering almost all gluten-free and vegan sweets. 


I know a oizza place in Peterborough, Ontario that isn't completely vegan or vegetarian, but they do make those kinds of pizzas. They're EXTREMELY good, and come in pretty darn big slices! It's called the Night Kitchen.


Where I live (Eugene, Oregon) has lots of vegetarian restaurants (or at least restaurants with good veggie items) but a few of our fave all veggie restaurants are:
Laughing Planet (mostly burritos and smoothies, very tasty and nutritious)
Lotus Garden (all veggie chinese food, our fave is the sweet and sour nuggets with steamed brown rice)
Morning Glory (open only breakfast and lunch) this place makes the best biscuits and gravy ever, I can't believe that people eat biscuits and gravy with meat in it after having this! Tantric Mushroom Gravy over their yummy dill biscuits. 


junglequeen-- have you tried Pizza Research Institute in eugene? we went there for dinner while visiting and it was delish!! really good vegan and vegetarian pizza and microbrews.


junglequeen-- have you tried Pizza Research Institute in eugene? we went there for dinner while visiting and it was delish!! really good vegan and vegetarian pizza and microbrews.

Yes I have gone there once. I much prefer Cozmic Pizza. I remember that when we (myself and my boyfriend) went there, the pizza was very good, howe'ver it gave us both very upset tummies (all the soy ricotta that was used) and at Cozmic Pizza you can get a vegan pizza with no cheese substitute. I am sure you can do that at PRI, but...I guess we are just partial to Cozmic. Plus Cozmic is a much larger space. PRI is very small.


I know this is an old thread, but I figured I might as well add that Iowa City, Iowa has the Red Avocado, which I believe is either totally or mostly vegan (minimum all vegetarian, and all organic).

I've never been there but have heard good things. :)


If you travel overseas I can thoroughly recommend "Prince Mishkin" restaurant in Munich, Germany. Pricy but worth it.


This vegan restaurant called Fresh, located in downtown Toronto...

It's amazing! Their soups are delicious, too!!


-Masao's Kitchen in Waltham (vegan/macrobiotic food, DELICIOUS!)
-Buddha's Delight Too in Brookline (vegan Asian - delectable, and they have a Buddha's Delight in Cambridge or something but I've never been)
-Grasshopper Asian Vegan in Allston. DROOOOOOOLLLLLLLL.

i love the grasshopper! it's a little sketchy, but even my non-veg friends like it. we went there to celebrate my "veggie anniversary" this spring.
also, there is another veg restaurant in chinatown. i think its called happy buddha or something like that. its right next door to buddha's delight. ive been to both, and both are good. i haven't been to masao's kitchen though, i'll have to try it!


I just read through all of these and was just amazed...I didn't know that an all vegetarian or vegan restaurant actually existed!!! I live in a small town and when we want vegetarian, we get Chinese or Thai from the next town over...I had no idea there were whole restaurants for it!!! I'm such a small town girl  ::)  Although I noticed there is one in Ann Arbor, Mi which is about an hour from me so I am definitely going to check that out.

It seems to me it would be a lot easier to be a vegetarian or vegan in a big city...with enough other vegetarians around to be able to start a whole restaurant!!! Around here when you are offered meat and you say "no thanks, I'm a vegetarian" people just roll their eyes. You city people are pretty lucky!


These aren't in  my hometown, but love them when I travel!

Ft. Lauderdale:  SUblime  *the BEST restaurant I have EVER eaten at. TOTALLY VEGAN AND ALL proceeds go to animal rescue groups, so I spend a lot and consider it a donation!  ;D Heavenly desserts too! I cried the first time I read the menu. It was my first veg. restaurant experience and I was overwhelmed with joy.

Orlando: The Garden Cafe (all Chinese food prepared with Meat substitute) NO meat served at all but careful the Eggdrop soup is REAL!

Asheville (soon to be relocating there!)
The Laughing Seed Cafe is the best!
Also, Greenlite Cafe in Black Mountain is good, Rosetta's Kitchen, and Max and Rosie's in Asheville are veg. too, but I didn't find them as good as the Laughing Seed.

Columbus, Ohio
  Dragonfly  . I used to live here and it was called something else and was vegetarian, and was good, but now I heard its even better and totally vegan. Haven't been there since it changed hands.


Hi everyone,
I'm planning a trip to Philadelphia this weekend and I was wondering if there were any other suggestions besides the two mentioned earlier (Cherry Street Chinese Restaurant and Gianna's Grill).  If there's any place really standout that I shouldn't miss while I'm there, I'd love to hear about it! 


Gothenburg, Sweden which is my hometown has not so many veg. restaurants but these are okey:

Solrosen (sunflower)

Stockholm has "Hermans höjdare" which is very good. It is quite cheap and the view over the city is fantastic from the tables outside.

My absolute favourite is Radost FX in Prague, and they have disches from all over the world.


I just discovered a excellent fast food vegan joint in Merrionette Park ( a Chicago suburb). It's called VEGGIE BITE. My fav is the Gyros and my hubby really likes the tofu bites with bbq. They really give ya lots of food. the vegan soft serve ice cream is so good.  I have yet to try it's cheeze fries and cakes . also give them a good write up.


I'm not sure if we have an exclusive veggie restaurant in my fairly progressive town. Still, the tempeh dinner I had at the Sunflower made me face my fear of cooking with tempeh & now, thanks to that meal & tempeh education from VWAV*, tempeh has become a numero uno fave alternative. ;D

*Vegan With A Vengeance - Tempeh Sausage Crumbles, pg. 22

Ahhhhh. These crumbles, with a few drops of A-1 Steak Sauce are wonderful!


In Grosse Point Park, MI (in Detroit) Moo's Moo's Organic Kitchen is really good. And near Detroit In Royal Oak there is a small place called Inn Season cafe, it's delicious.


Here's my favourites

In Gothenburg, Sweden

Solrosen ("the Sunflower")
All vegetarian, with vegan options. The salad buffet is divine

Musikens Hus ("the House of Music")
Vegetarian/vegan lunch buffet. Delicios soup!

Mums ("yummy")
Lots of vegan cakes and dishes.

In Paris, France

Ok vegan stuff, but as there's very few vegetarian places in paris, it's great.

any big food store
There's a huge variety of soy yoghurt in France. My fav is thai coconut/lime. mmmmm 

In Boston, USA

The Other Side Cafe, on the tiny bit of Newbury across Mass Av.
Vegan or not, this is probably the most wonderful, beautiful, nice, delicious place I ever visited. Dying to get back there.


In the Kansas City metro area two restaurants I love are Addis Abbabas (Ethipian cuisine)and the Blue Koi(not your typical Chinese cuisine).  Both of these are located on 39th St near Kansas University Medical Center in downtown.  They both offer meat dishes along with vegetarian and vegan ones and are both fantastic!!


There is one exclusively vegetarian restaurant that I know of, here in Springfield MO.....The Wellspring Cafe, in downtown Springfield on McDaniel St.  Actually I am pretty sure that they are vegan and so, I haven't gone in a while, but the servings fill you up and they have a small thrift shop in the store.  I need to go start going back there and support them more often. I'm pretty sure they keep it organic as well.

On another note there is a vegan potluck here in Springfield the last Monday of every month that is totally awesome that I also haven't been to in a while, because I work Mondays from 5-7, across town.  But if anyone is interested they can let me know.



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