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Central America

Hey! I will be travelling to Central America in April (Costa Rica, Nicaragua y Guatemala) and was wondering how many of you have ever been there and if you have any advice to give me where to go, what to do, etc?

Plus, I need help with my spanish, so if anyone wants to converse with me in that language at some point, I'm ready! :D

I love Central America! I've been to Nicaragua and Guatemala. What sort of trip are you taking? There are so many places to go!


Ah! Me gusta hablar espanol mucho, pero mis conocomientos de este bel idioma estan muy limitados. Tengo una amiga que va en Costa Rica en diez dias y tratamos de conversar en espanol pero nos discusiones se limitan a los cursos que hemos tenidos (?) a la escuela y allas peliculas de Almodovar . Entonces, prenemos la sintaxis francésa y agregamos las palabras espanoles. Nos discusiones no tienen sentidos (?). Empiezo escuchar de podcasts que son solamente en espanol, para mi acostumbrar a oir el idioma. No puedo tener una conversacion espontanea a menos que tenemos una discusion sobre cuando anos (no tengo el "ene") tiene y a qué hora el curso de yoga. He aprendo algunas  palabras"slang" de Costa Rica, segun un website. Es importante para mi de poder hablar con las gentes, es la prima razon por qué deseo viajar a otro pais.

Ok, this paragraph took me an hour to write! Feel very free to correct me! Hopefully, it does make some kind of sense, but I know that by April, I will be able to converse with people. I am such a chatterbox, to not be able to speak with people will make me feel as if I were trapped. I can understand when they speak to me in Spanish, but I usually lack the vocabulary to be able to answer back.

And for the trip, since I've never been in a place where the climate was different than where I'm from, I will be there to see the nature. Ecoturismo, I want to get out of my comfort zone. Maybe do some volunteering, too, if that's possible. I will be gone for a month, I haven't planned anything yet. I am just excited to go!  :D


I work with a guy from Costa Rica....I'll ask him for some advice on places to go for you.  He's a real sweetheart so I am sure he'd love to help out.


Sounds like an awesome trip! I've only been to Costa Rica, but becaus etourism is so big there, you'll find alot of the locals speak english and like practising it. As long as you know some basic spanish (for cab drivers & resturant staff that don't speak english), you won't really have a problem. Have fun!


I spoke to my co-worker from Costa Rica and he says you shouldn't have any trouble.  Most of the people there speak at least some English.  However, judging by his English knowing a little Spanish really wouldn't hurt.  He says while you are in Costa Rica you should try to see these two volcanos: seen at night
Poas....which you can look down into

He also said he hoped you like rice because most of the dishes there are made with rice.  For breakfast he thinks you should try something called Gallo Pinto.  It is a bean and rice dish.  Watch out though because sometimes it is served with eggs on top. 


Thanks! I read about the gallo pinto. And I do like rice, so I guess I'll be good! :D

I definitely want to see some volcanoes!


My husband and I got married on the beach in Costa Rica 10 years ago just before it started to become a popular destination.  I loved it there and I want to go back so bad.

Someone mentioned Arenal volcano. Definitely see one of the volcanoes mentioned. There are also some hot springs there and I remember the guy who we paid to drive us around and help us knew of an acid lake that if you took a trail you could get to and see. He also knew the best rain forests and off the beaten paths to really get a real feel of the country. He spoke enough English and I spoke enough Spanish that it all worked out great. We paid for his services for a few days and it was well worth it to have a local with us.

We flew into San Jose' and from what I remember it was recommended to get out of the city and stay elsewhere cause the crime etc. Not sure how it is now. I ca't wait to get back there soon.

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