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Best place to visit in December

Like the subject of the post said, I intend on travelling for most of the month of December.

I am not rich, but I will have a few bucks to travel around. I am leaving from NB, Canada.

What place would you recommend ?

Los Angeles
San Diego

Because the weather rules in December.


California is definitely on my mind. The fact that I might have a tan on Christmas Day is one of the many reasons. :D


san diego. cuz now i live there which makes it the best place ever.


I second Hespy's and sb's suggestions. I went to San Diego in January once, and it was gorgeous.... the Anza Borrego desert (West of SD) is quite pretty too.

Another great place to visit in December: IOWA.

HAHAHAHA. just kidding.



I don't really suggest it, but I'm here...
I would say it shouldn't be toooo snowy, but we did have lots of snow last year, and it does get cold.

Florida? Hawaii?


but seriously.... if You're on the road to SoCal from New Brunswick, You'll pretty much be cutting across the entire width of the U.S...
So I'd recommend hitting up some bit of the Appalachians or thereabouts, preferably in the southern region. Asheville, NC is lovely in the wintertime.
Then You'll have all the southern states to pass through, including TX.... I hear Tucson, AZ is a pretty funky, veg-friendly place and mild in the winter, and that's en route to San Diego.


Actually, CW, that's a great idea. I always wanted to roadtrip across the States. Since I do not own a car, I might try the train or the bus, just for the adventure of it. I might just take three weeks, since I will not be working at all during the month of December.

My roomate is graduating from university in May and she was planning that same type of trip. I might just go with her. I like travelling alone, but it's also fun to have a friend as well.

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