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Asheville Peeps...

The time has come for MDV to begin her job search and Asheville is the only place outside of the DC area I'm considering.  I'm planning to visit in March (over Spring break) to check out the area, but my main concern is about jobs.  I'll have a BS degree in Economics and a minor in Spanish.  Any jobs that are super-mathy in the area? Research analysis, data, etc.  Someone PM me!


This link may help a little, although it is generalized.  Good luck with your search!


How wonderful! We'd love to have you down here.

Generally speaking, jobs are few and far between in Asheville.  This is partly why so many of us have our own businesses (although, I've never seen a town that supports mom & pops so well). 
  From your description, it sounds like you have the ability to transition from most any generalized field (ie, medical, manufacturing, construction, etc...) so that would be in your favor.  I confess, even from your description I am still not certain what type of job you are looking for, but I can offer a few resources and advise.

our local paper's job search engines:

Also, depending on your tolerance for a commute (personally, at various times I have held jobs in two directions at 50+ miles), Greeneville/Spartanburg, SC is only about an hour drive as is Johnson City/Bristol/Kingsport, TN.  Both are easy drives, depending on what area of town you live in (I live North and commute to Johnson City twice a week).  Traffic is negligible here, unless there is construction.  Hendersonville, NC is about 30 min south.

There are several universities in the area, so there may be job opportunities there, as well.  Tourism and Medical are king here, so if you can work in either of those fields, there won't be much problem finding work.  Are you able to branch out into some consulting?  I can make several small business networking recommendations.  I have found it is best to be creative in looking for work here.  I wear many many hats.

Good luck and you are welcome to PM me with any questions.


How awesome would that be?
I don't know if you have any interest in teaching, but there are constantly openings for HS math teachers with signing bonuses. NC has a "lateral entry" program that allows degreed people like yourself enter into teaching easily.

You might also check Craigslist. A lot of the jobs seem hoaky, but hoopyD's husband got a really great job on there.

Unless you are willing to do some menial jobs (waiting tables or something), I would definitely have a job secured before you come to live.
The real estate market is not that bad still here, so there is always doing that on the side (I think you are an agent, right?)
Once you visit you might decide its worth it to live here with or without a "real" job. That's what happened to us.

Feel free to PM me as well!



My specific interest in economics is Public Policy.  Like, economic development? Hence the correlation between math and Spanish?

Thanks for the info, guys!


Are you fluent in Spanish?  I know that Mission Hospital is looking for translators in the ER.  It's a decent salary with benefits.  And I totally forgot you were a RE agent; I have several friends who do quite well here with that.

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