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Any advice for Long Beach, California?

I'm going to be in Long Beach next week.  Any advice?  I'm already planning to try Zephyr Vegetarian Cafe, which appears to be within walking distance of my hotel.

Veggy Dog,

I visited Zephyr once when I was in Long Beach and remembering liking it, appreciating it's mostly vegan-menu, and simple, soup and sandwich selections.

Garden of Pan(510 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90802, (562) 435-8522)  is another great little coffeehouse too. Small, but vegetarian/vegan-friendly selections. Internet access too and cushiony sofas. Sometimes you get a hip artsy, musicians like scene. Other times I've had the coffeehouse

More on Long Beach's East Village coffeehouses here:

Non-food related, but also in Long Beach, ... check out the Museum of Latin American Art.


Thanks Saskia.  I did get to Zephyr (first I dragged some people there for dinner, only to find that they're not open for dinner on weekdays).  I dashed up there for lunch one day and just got a Fakin' BLT to go.  It was really delicious, and came with tortilla chips and tasty salsa.  You're right that it's mostly vegan; in fact they have asterisks next to the few things on the menu that aren't vegan.  All of the sandwiches had vegan mayo by default!  I wished I could go back for dinner and more fully explore the menu.  The salads they were serving while I waited looked incredible and people were drinking something out of a coconut shell.  The employees were nice and the regulars raved about the food.  They had interesting local art on the walls, various local papers and a generally pleasant atmosphere.


This place sounds great! I'll put it on my list of things to explore when I'm over in November!

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