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what is that noise?!!!

Sometimes during sex, my abdomen makes this sloshing around sound. It sort of sounds like a water balloon filled with water. I'm not overweight, and I don't have huge boobs. I thought maybe it was when I was full of food or liquid, but I think it happens even when I am famished. Is this a normal thing, or am I the only one with a sloshy sounding tummy?!!! It makes me feel fat, because it sounds fattish. Maybe my organs are moving around? I wish it would stop!

I guess it would be more embarrassing if I were sleeping around, but at least dh is used to it.  :-D

I think of Sarah as the kid down the street who wants to hang out with the big kids and is finally old enough to. But in our eyes, you're still that little runt begging to play with us.



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