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Sex toys.


(female and male)

I love this picture! :)>>>


the only sex toy I've ever needed was a handheld shower head massager thingy ;)b


My new flat(house) has a swively shower head thingy. I made friends with it. ^-^ :hotforyou: >:D My first ever sex toy. :P


I don't see how being in "doggy-style" as described will lead to G-spot stimulation - it seems like the penis would rub on the opposite side of the G spot, on the vaginal wall that's nearest the rectum. Unless the guy's older and the angle of his erection is negative. Then I could see it happening.

have you tried it?  it will work.  the way that you do it, i don't think it's quite what you're thinking.  your vagina will be more at an angle (slanted up... with the opening pointed sorta down and the cervix being the up part, but at an angle... make sense?).  so as your partner penetrates you, whatever is being inserted will rub right up against the front wall of your vagina, being where your g-spot is located.

brittney should post on here more.  she can also agree that you can definitely have g-spot orgasms doing it "doggy-style".  she might be able to describe more from the "giving" point of view. 

it shouldn't feel like it's rubbing your butt.  haha.  if that's the case, arch your back a bit.  like, arch so that your shoulders and butt are up, but your lower back is down.  that should put you at the perfect angle.

like this:


(but i usually do this position while leaning my upper body down so that i'm on my elbows... just the way i prefer it)


The other day, I saw a full 1 hour documentary on Sex Dolls (life like and weighing 100 pounds) made in California.
To me , it was something new and different. But the users shown there in, seemed more of weirdos than normal humans. (IMHO)

Still I thought that for people who are old, or without hope of getting married or having old and un willing wives, it should be a blessing.
Any one wants the link to that documentary?



I'm on my fourth Rabbit... Got my first one when I was 18, I don't think I left the house for 3 days... The original Pinky died after about a year after being dropped too many times. Pinky the 2nd was lost in a move and Pinky the 3rd just wore himself out.  I've had Blue for about a year and a half and he's still going strong.  ;D  I've never had a G-Sport orgasm, just clitoral.

I think it's gotten to the point where I'd be lost without one... Not that I use it every day or even every week and when I'm with someone I use it very seldomly, but just knowing it's THERE... is comforting.  Orgasms with a toy are much more about release and relieving tension for me than "sex"- the release is the goal.  Whereas sex with a partner is about the whole experience- I rarely even orgasm- but it's just as gratifying.  I've used a vibrator once with an ex and it was kinda weird, more exciting for him than for me. 

Now this thread has got me thinking, I should try something new  ;)b


I had a rabbit. It was purple and cute, but I really didn't use it often. Not sure where it ended up...
My partner and I have really great sex; A lot. heh.
I like bondage tape, hand cuffs and that kind of stuff, but am perfectly satisfied just using hands and tongue which is usually how I roll.

Schmaltz_Liquor, I have admired the picture of you holding your accordion in a cemetery. Did not know you played with Voltaire. Now I am smitten.


Yay Heli! Haha, right before i read this i gave my dog a bath, so i had to use the shower head that moves around on the hose, and i guess last time i, uhm, had a visit with my shower head i forgot and left it on the jet/pulse thing. Oops! Glad no one uses the 2nd shower head thing (its the kind where theres one one the wall and one that you can move around and you can switch it to have one or both on)

I can vouch for the doggie style = orgasms thing. DEFINITELY hits the right spot.

The sex dolls thing, i think there might be a link to a video about that somewhere around VW, its interesting, but strange in a sense.

I want a rabbit. baddd. Hah. My main vibe is dying. Poor thing. I never really liked it too much, but did LOVE it at the same time. if that makes any sense. haha. Now the part that screws on with the controls/where batteries go is cracked like 4 times from dropping it, and only like, 2 settings work. sigh. I really want to go buy one, but ordering online is a no no for that. And, i know like everyone that works at the spencers that sells them so that would be weird. And i dont know if i'd want to go in a sex store. Haha, well i would, but like with friends to make it fun, but then if i bought something it would be weird. (just because of my friends and their views on things.)


I can totes understand the not wanting to go to a sex store. Today I went to one with a friend, and she's bi and with a lady currently so she was getting a strap-on, and the guy working there definitely thought we were together and when we left after she bought her stuff, he was all "have a good night ladies." It was three in the afternoon, so he meant NIGHT. Lulz. Also!!!! I bought two toys! They are my house in KS since I didn't want to have them sent here because my mom would be all OH YOU GOT A PACKAGE TODAY LET'S OPEN IT. I got...


and this because it was cheap and it came up in the "other stuff you might want to buy because you're also looking at flavored lubes and so you will probably also want sex toys" thing:

Looking back, I wish I had gotten a rabbit instead of the first one. Both of these are pretty much the they're both g-spot ones. Meh. I'm not expecting much anyway, but at least I am trying.


I don't get it.  You went to a store and bought something and then had them ship it to you?

Flavored lube is disgusting.  I find that anything flavored like is kind of sweet and gross, especially in flavor combination with sexy stuff.  Breath strips are much better if you need flavor:


Ohhh I did not read my post after writing it, so it was unclear. I ordered toys from the internet prior to going to the store. And pewps. I thought the flavored lubes would be fun because I like candy and they are candy flavored. (I got a green apple one and a strawberry one). Oh well.


It's just that sweet doesn't combine well with the other flavors of sex.  I find it gag-inducing.  But everyone's taste buds and flavor tolerances are different.  You might think it's swell.


i like flavored lubes.  but you just have to be careful to clean up after because if you don't they can cause yeast infections. 

but that doesn't mean you can play with them elsewhere... like drip the warming kind on nipples and the back of the neck, then blow on them and they heat up, and then lick them all sexy.  it is super fun. 

brittney and i have quite the sex toy collection.  let me do some searching and i'll find some links and pictures.



I have flavored lubes, not vegan at all, the ones i have at least. Well, none of the kinds i have are, but the'yre old anyways and need to be thrown away. But i like them.
Since on the topic, does anyone know any vegan lubes that are like common? just wondering. hah.

Cakes, i looked at the 2nd one you got, i think they have that in my spencers and i was looking at it or something, i thought about it. But i think i want something that isnt hard plastic, both of mine are and it'd be nice to switch it up some.


This one is vegan (heh I purchased it) and I think all of their lubes are.

I don't really lurk around in the sexy section of stores because I am shy, so I cannot for sure say if it is available in stores that are not the internet.


Occassionally the right hand ad is for the Sensual Vegan which has vegan sex stuff, including lube.  Have you thought about getting one of those credit cards where it's not credit - you have to put money on the card first before you use it?  It's still a Visa/MC, so you can online order with it.


we LOVE tantus.  they make high quality toys that are durable, boilable, dishwasher safe, and made from silicone which won't bother people's allergies.  they are a bit pricy but worth it since they will outlast the other ones.

these are our strap on toys:

it was really hard to find a picture of our "main squeeze".  i guess it was discontinued, but i found a tiny picture of it on some australian site.  ours looks like this except it's pearly purple:

the site says it's called "the g-spot" which is a good name for it.  that's our biggest one of the removable dildo sort.  i would say it's about 7-7.5 inches.

we've got one that looks similar to this one but without the ripples.  it's a medium tantus silk but ours is in pearly pink.  it was the exact size as the one on the site, not that i just held it up to the screen to make sure or anything... haha! (it might shrink down on here since i've noticed that images tend to show up smaller on vw)

we have this small one (in the kit since it has a vegan harness):

we also have a dildo that's built into a harness.  it isn't the highest quality, but it's reallllly big (to me, anyways) and it vibrates for the both of us.  my ex had one and she loved using it with me (she always wore it), but brittney isn't so fond of it.  the little nubs that vibrate for the wearer make brittney yell, "ow!  clit rape!" and so she usually wears underwear under this one.  it is 8 or more inches long and really fat.  not something i can handle all the time!  this is the bumblebee:

some non strap on toys:

this one we got as a toy for brittney since she's a clitoral stimulation girl, but i think i use it way more than she does (and i am not even certain that she knows that... hahaha!):

(i think this is it... what we have has a battery pack with the controls, a long cord, and then the little round thingie)

we also have two vibrators.  one really small blue one (it's like the size of a magic marker) and one larger pink glittery one that has that jelly sort of covering.  they both do that little flip up at the tip.  the bigger one is just a big smaller than the gigantic bumble bee one listed up there.  but the two vibrators are cheap and lower in quality.  they don't have the names listed anywhere on them so i cannot really find pictures of them.

so, basically, if brittney walked in here right now she would find me in bed with *counts* seven different toys and my laptop.  hmmmmm.

"no hunny, it's not what it looks like, i swear"

haha. she just walked in. 

now she's laughing at the bed full of sex toys.  she giggled and said, "what are you doing?!!" and then continued talking about what people are saying on her first vegweb thread.

what timing!

:-D :-D :-D

^-^  >:D  ;)b


I love, love, love it when my wife exposes my whole entire sex life...little :monkey:


This one is vegan (heh I purchased it) and I think all of their lubes are.

I don't really lurk around in the sexy section of stores because I am shy, so I cannot for sure say if it is available in stores that are not the internet.

I've never had the flavored ones, but I will vouch for "sliquid."  Good stuff.


Ooo, i'll look for sliquid if i ever get to that erotic store.
HH, i thought about getting a card like that, we have like these things called green dot cards at the mall like that. But things like this delivered. Eek. I'd be afraid i wouldnt be home and my mom would be all like LEMME SEE WHAT YOU GOTT.


I love, love, love it when my wife exposes my whole entire sex life...little :monkey:

oh i know you love it!



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