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the bOOb poll

You can vote for 2 choices, in case you're between sizes or you're a dude with DDD's.

I just bought the Genie Bra at Bed Bath and Beyond. SUPER awesome. I like it better than my coobie! The infomercial doesn't do it justice. ANd they make it seem pretty awesome, don't you think?!

I freaking love this bra, which I am currently wearing.  Seriously, nothing has ever fit better, and it's like wearing a sports bra with actual cups and good lookin' boobs!

I have lost/gained significant amount of weight over the past 5 years, I used to be an A but am currently supposedly a 32C, a bra size that is impossible to find.  I always end up with way too big bands.  Arugh, bra shopping is the worst.  Seriously, get the genie bra.  I have a fake genie bra from Target that was about 10.00, one you can just buy as a 'small' that is pretty great too....I think it's from Hanes. 



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