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yellow squash

any ideas on what to do with yellow squash? i have a glut of them from the two plants that i have in my garden. about 10-20 squash per week.

My mother used to some how make pickeled sqaush.  They tasted like bread and butter pickles and she's have jars and jars of them when her garden was productive.  They were good.  I'm sure you could find a recipe and instructions somewhere.


Ooh, ooh, what about these?!  :D

They look a little time-consuming, but if you have a mandoline or a good peeler...


Here is something I have posted before:

Here is something I make every couple of weeks when I can't face any
more brown rice. It has gotten good reviews from many non-veg*ns and
you can put a bunch of stuff in depending on what you have around and
uses avocado. I think I have posted it here some time ago, in response
to a "What are we cooking tonight post".

It is basically pasta with veggies in tomato sauce.

(This is basically how I make it, but experiment.) In a large skillet
heat up some olive oil. Add spices like oregano, garlic (a must) and a
small amount of ground mustard seeds. Add a can of tomato sauce.
(I also add a spoon or two of tomato paste to add thickness.) Add some
red wine. Chop up some onions and saute them (leeks or shallots also
work) in the oil. Now you can add a bunch of different fruits or veggies.
In the fruit department I usually make this with zucchini and summer squash. Cut
them in fairly thin slices so they can be covered totally in the sauce. Also add
some fresh, chopped up tomatos. This can be cooked for a small amount of time.
Add some mushrooms in the last couple of minutes (so they don't overcook)

Make some pasta. Add some fresh (uncooked) avocados onto the pasta and pour
the veggies in tomato sauce over the avocados and pasta. Serve with the same
red wine used in the sauce.


I love yellow summer squash!  I cut mine into slices about 1/2 inch thick - stir fry with red onions, zucchini, salt/pepper and whatever other seasonsing you like.  Yum!

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