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Which do you prefer?

I've noticed that I much prefer to veganize omni recipes (both baking and cooking) than to use an already vegan recipe. I was wondering what others prefer? I think I really like to figure things out for myself, customize things, troubleshoot, etc.

Haha, preganized!

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Over the years I've noticed I've become a cookbook recipe follower.  This allows me to try many new vegan things, and I rarely cook the same recipe twice.  This includes some purely vegan recipes, and some veganized recipes of omni dishes...but they aren't created by me. 

I think I tend to cook more vegan stuff than veganized omni dishes, so that's what I put in the poll.


It depends on my mood.  I love cookbooks, but I rarely follow recipes.


I use both vegan and nonvegan recipes when baking.  I'll just swap out a few things to make it vegan.  When cooking, I rarely use recipes.  For the most part, I'll use recipes that are already vegan to cook or I'll leave out the meat/nonveg items.


baking: vegan recipe for sure... i am not good at baking yet (don't practice much)

when i first went vegan or am trying a new dish or cuisine i follow recipes...

when i watch food stuffs on tv, i am always thinking how easy the recipe would be to "veganize" i just like to see the technique used (That is where i am on a cooking level... I have been through almost 3 years of learning though).

i think if you aren't much of a cook at first make recipes that a lot of vegan peeps like... that's how i learned and i learn new things each time i cook or improvise which is why i love cooking :)


I voted using already vegan recipes, but I really should have probably voted both. I do quite enjoy cooking from already vegan cookbooks, but I also "bookmark" a lot of non-vegan recipes with the intention of making them vegan (a few of which I have made, most I haven't yet). But when I'm not working from a "vegan recipe" I'm usually just throwing something together based on what I'm feeling like making that day.


Both-- preveganized (by me or others) for "company" dinners, potlucks, or when I'm in a hurry & don't have time to play around. BUT: there is something very satisfying about tinkering with traditional non-veg recipes & finding the 'just right' strategy for delicious veganization (another new word?! haha)...

My best friend says that my superpower is the ability to veganize any recipe. I know it's not flight, or invisibility, or anything; but I'm cool with that.  ;D


I generally cook already vegan recipes......but I think that's because I've been vegan so long that it's really the only form of cooking I know - does that make sense?

I do have some non-veg cook books and sometimes use them, but not often.  I also have a couple of staple recipes that either I have made, or have been passed onto me by family members that probably were non-veg to begin (chili, spag bol, lasagna) with but I've been using them so long that they're just normal vegan recipes to me now.


Using vegan recipes
and then just veganizing omni recipes not alot though

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