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what about lactic acid?!?!

what exactly is the sourse of lactic acid in foods? I just can't seen to get the straight facts anywhere....  is it dairy derived? anybody know?? pleesee share if ya doo

this is what i found on

What about those ingredients that sound like they are from milk, such as lactic acid, lactose, and lactate?

If it's lactate or lactic acid, it's not from dairy (exception - sterol lactate due to the stearic acid). "Lac" ingredients are usually produced by a fermentation process using cornstarch or beet sugar. Lactose is always from dairy. Most ingredients made with with calcium are vegan (i.e. calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, calcium sulfate). The exceptions are calcium caseinate and calcium stearate. Drink up the calcium fortified o.j. - it's vegan!

sometimes it is helpful when looking for the vegan-ness of something to include the word "vegan" in the search. when i first looked for lactic acid, i got sports sites. putting in "vegan" gave me this one. hope that helps


oh thanks! yeah mee too with the sports sites; about lactic acid in your muscles, WHOLE differnt story!
I apreciate it. ;)


Thanks for the link! I bookmarked it. One of the most confusing experiences for a veggie is to translate the ingredients in foods (esp. breads) as animal-derived or vegetable derived. Stearic acid can be from soy oil as according to the site:

Archer Daniels Midland Co., a manufacturer of sodium stearoyl lactylate reports that their product is of vegetable origin; the lactic acid is produced from microbial fermentation and the stearic acid, from soy oil. Sodium is a mineral which is added.

It seems that ingredients which sound vegan may, or may not, be vegan after all. Deciphering the truth is truly a difficult experience! For this reason, I adore companies who stamp products as "vegan", or as "dairy-free", and "lard free"

Does anyone else go through pains worrying about specific ingredients in their foods?


i love your hat!  ;D

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