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VWAV - Spinach Potato Knishes

Although I hate making things that take a long time to prepare, I decided to suck it up and make knishes before the sack of potatoes I bought start sprouting. We decided to make all spinach and potato (the recipe makes three kinds: spinach, potato, and sweet potato). I used six large russet potatoes and one package of frozen, chopped spinach and had enough filling for all 15.

Making the dough was easy, and I only had to knead it for five minutes before getting a smooth dough. Unless you mash the potatoes REALLY well, you will have some lumps in the dough. No big deal. I shaped the dough into a log and covered it with plastic wrap while I made the filling. I cooked the spinach in some boiling water (forgot to thaw it the night before) and let it drain in a seive over the sink for an hour. Then I wrapped it in two layers of paper towel and squeezed the water out of it. It took me forever to mash all of the potatoes for the filling, and they were not perectly smooth by any means! I added the spinach to all of the potato mixture. I used a little bit of Salt-Free Spike for seasoning.

The dough rolled out really easy, just make sure to use lots of flour. Amazingly, I had EXACTLY enough for the filling! I brushe'd some melted Earth Balance on top and baked them for 40 minutes. They browned nicely on the bottom, but not much on top. My boyfriend suggested poking holes in the top of the pastry before baking, to let steam escape. Anyway, they are great warm or cold. I made a dip with equal parts maple syrup and prepared mustard (French's). Yum, yum! Next time I definitely will make the sweet potato.

If you want to make all three flavours, I would suggest using medium (not large) potatoes. Anyway, I recommend these. They would be great to take to a potluck, or for lunches.

These sound really good! I've never seen knishes before -- are they basically like a filled log?


Yeah, you roll them out and place a line of filling down the centre. Then you fold it over and voila, a filled log! The pastry is pretty thin though, I think I would like it thicker. The knishes I have tried in Jewish delis (back when I was a lacto-ovo, they have eggs) were like a round pocket suffed with potato, with a thick pastry crust.

Anyway, they're great. I reheated some in the oven for breakfast. SO GOOD!


I've gotta try these. VeggieV, I especially like your sauce idea: maple syrup and mustard. I'm getting hungry...


Baypuppy, it makes 15 slices of log (about 3-5" long). The filling is exposed on both sides. It's filled, but not completely encased in pastry like a Hot Pocket. The pastry is also really thin. Imagine this, a rectangle of dough 14" long  with a line of filling down the centre horizontally. It's folded over ONCE, sealed, and then baked as a long log. Then, the log is sliced into 5 pieces.

I had a hard time imagining this, too. Hey wait! I just found a picture of them on her blog. about halfway down the page. Those are a picture of the end pieces, as they are closed up on one side. Otherwise the filling would show on both sides.


Thanks for the link to the photos, VeggieVulture. I too was having a hard time picturing what she meant.

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