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Veggie Pizza

I splurged and got some ready made pizza crust below.  I'm planning on roasted red peppers, tomato slices and spinach.  My question is #1 what else should I put on it, #2 should I use fresh spinach leaves, or cook the frozen and squeeze the water out of it and put that on top (I have both, we love spinach in this house.)

Has anyone tried this crust?  It's vegan, although they do make one with cheese that's vegetarian.

Sounds delicious and makes me hungry! When I make veggie pizzas I like to spread sundried tomato pesto on the crust and then add the veggies.


Wendie, I love the idea of the sundried pesto...I'll try that next time. And I'm with Sandhya on the toppings.

Tweety, where did you find that crust? I haven't seen it anywhere up here. I like the cat on the label.  8)


Great ideas, basil and artichoke hearts.  I'll have to add the mushrooms for the spouse's side.  I like mushrooms only in small doses in moderation.

Nancy, it was in the frozen section of the HFS.  One of the HFS's here makes a fresh crust. 

They are a bit pricey $4.00 and I would do better to make my own, but I'm not good with making pizza crusts.


I love pizza with olive oil instead of tomato sauce. And fresh sliced tomatoes, fresh spinach and a little minced garlic.


no...nothing is available over

I normally make my own pizza based on a sourdough bread, I put lots of olives peppers chiles and sundried tomatoes on along with some garlic oil and pizza spices - no tomatoe sauce needed - it always comes out great!

*tummy rub*


I haven't tried that crust before (Normally I buy a whole wheat dough from the local Italian bakery, and I spread it out on a pizza stone that I've oiled and sprinkled with cornmeal).

Then I spread it with one of these:
Tomato sauce
Olive oil, herbs, and roasted garlic

And top it off with any combination of these:
Mushrooms (canned or fresh button or portabello)
Spinach (Fresh, or frozen/thawed/squeezed)
Red bell peppers (Fresh or roasted)
Tomatos (fresh or sundried)
Green olives
Eggplant (I cook this before putting it on the pizza.)

And finally I might add a sprinkle of "pizza seasoning" and/or nutritional yeast.

So yeah, that's pretty typical for me, but there's lots of variations possible:

Roasted garlic pesto with tomatos, bell peppers and mushrooms

Tomato sauce with mushrooms, spinach, olives, roasted peppers

and so on and so forth. I could totally live on pizza. :)


hmmmmmmmmm.........I still haven't made the dang pizza yet.  I've been a bit busy with work and school.  Want to make it when I can relax and enjoy it.  Hopefully next week. 

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