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Vegetarian Marshmallows

Man, I've been looking for these for *forever* and have yet to find them.  Howe'ver, I did find a recipe once which failed miserably (well, failed amusedly really... a giant pan of corn syrup... mmmm).  Does anyone know where to get vegetarian or vegan marshmallows???

On a happy note, marshmallow fluff does not have gelatin in it!  A tasty s'more can be made by putting some fluff and chocolate between two graham crackers, wrapping it in foil, and throwing it in the fire until melted (or NOT wrapping it in foil and throwing it in the microwave ;) ).  Your marshmallow cooking friends will be jealous! (until they figure out they can do this w/ marshmallows too... lame-os)  ;)

You can buy vegan marshmallows online at Pangea:

They even have cheaper irregulars if you want them for baking only:

If you have a Whole Foods near you, I have seen this same brand there in the baking aisle.



I tried making my own last night for a camping trip this weekend. Unfortunatly I had the same problem, nice and white on top, but a ton of cornsyrup underneath. Boy was that a mess... grrr, my toes are still sticky from where it dropped on me lol.

Anyway I am going to try again tonight since I am too cheap to pay the $10 plus shipping to get some sent to me  ::)  I will post a recipie that works if I can find one.



I've often wondered about this. I guess I need to go to Whole Foods so I can make s'mores.


I haven't tried the recipe yet, but La Dolce Vegan has a recipe for marshmallows.


So I am back from camping and have some bad news... I tried every single recipie I found online and they all turned out the same: sticky, mushy and one big liquid mess!

So I think I am going to have to pay the shipping and handeling so some can be sent up to me, oh well, camping was fun even without the camp fire traditions.

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