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vegan/wheat free ideas for event

hi friends!

i've volunteered to cook vegan/wheat free for four guests at a department event this week. while i've totally got the vegan cooking part down, i'm not as familiar with wheat free. i know some of the basics, such as what flours are okay or not to use. What other vegan ingrediants have wheat? Like i think i read soysauce does..

second question is that i want to put together something totally delish and easy to transport for them. i was thinking wraps or sandwhiches, but that aren't that fun. i'm going to see if i could do hot dishes. does anyone have any ideas to share? or a tried and true wheat-free "desert" (banana bread, cookies, etc) recipie?

i should just take them some tempheh sausage crumbles!  ;D

The best wheat-free recipies I have come from the Simple Treats cookbook (they have a link here somewhere, they make vegan wheat-free baked goods as well). We cut down on the amount of wheat so as not to build up an intollerence. The easiest wheat alternatives are oat flour (just take rolled *not* quick oats and put them in the food processor until flour-like) and barley flour. When you do not use wheat flour the baked goods come out a bit more crumbly than usual, so don't be alarmed. For things like drop cookies really smoosh them down on the cookie sheet and be careful taking them off.

Besides that, you can use spelt flour, millet flour, brown rice flour and garbanzo flour (I think) interchangably wiht wheat in recipies. I hardly ever use more than 20% wheat flour in recipes and they turn out great :) The Simple Treats cookbook pretty much uses half oat flour and half barley flour which ends up being a good combo, imho.

Anyhow, good luck!


I vote for the tempeh sausage crumbles!  ;)

A polenta dish would be good as it is pretty solid & easy to transport. You could top with your own new recipe of temeph sausage crumbles & veggie mixture -- like maybe basil, olives, tomatoes, spinach, whatever. Put slices of polenta on plate & top with sauce/mixture.


ha ha, i was thinkin about the TSC (new term here, for those "in the know").

polenta scares me. i've made one before but what is it suposed to be like? i cook from scratch (no tubes of polenta here). Is it suposed to be kinda "thick and tasty" when cooked or does it rise up a bit more like a bready pudding?


Well, I cook my polenta in a pressure cooker & it's the easiest thing! But even without a pressure cooker, I would definitely cook it from scratch. I've had those tube ones & I thought they had a fermented taste.

Polenta is like a porridge when it's ready for pouring. I pour into a lightly greased pan. Then let it set. I usually let it set overnight in the fridge. Then it is very dense -- more cheese like than cake or bread. You can easily cut it into squares, wedges, etc. It doesn't rise. Alter the size of your pan to get the thickness you want.

At this point you can mash it with a fork, micro it & slather it with Earth Balance - ultra yum! Or you can brush the top with some Earth Balance & broil for a bit till golden. Then you can serve up with chunky veggie sauce, tomato sauce, spinach, 'shroom sauce, all sorts of great things.

If you like corn, you'll love polenta! And if you have pressure cooker, I'll post my pressure cooker directions.

Yeah! I vote for polenta!  :D


lezly! yes, that is what my polenta was like...yellow goo!  ;D maybe i didn't add salt or something, but i didn't care for it. but i love corn, so i'll give it another go. my pressure cooker is on the stove, tell me what to do!! last time i did it stove top and it didn't take that much time, why use the p.cooker?

the more i think about it the  more i think about this polenta and TSC adventure. humm....i have to talk to the other lady who volunteered to do this too.

is tempeh wheat free if you get one without wheat? its just soy and fermenting magic power...  ???

here's some stuff:

tempeh sausage crumbles rule the world
thanks, friends!

(they have the funnest things to do!)


Hey! I also vote for the TSC. Try serving them with rice pasta (Tinkyada is delicious). Spelt flour is also wonderful and makes a great replacement for wheat. Try making a savory vegetable pie with a spelt crust (with TSC!!).

Other ideas:
*Chickpea, tomato, and spinach curry over basamati
*Brooklyn Pad Thai (from VWAV--the noodles are traditionally rice)

And, the perfect solution to avoiding polenta mishaps...make *MILLET polenta with spinach and sundried tomato pesto (also from VWAV). The intro says its easier to prepare than corn, since it doesn't need much stirring. 

And tempeh is 100% magically powered fermented soybeans. Yay! Have fun!


Wow, I just realized I have never been more obsessed with any cookbook (ok, since the Joy of Cooking) EVER! I constantly read and reread recipes...for fun. I make at least 5-10 things out of it per week. Man, that was $14.79 well spent!


i agree, VWAV is totally worth it.  ;D

i totally didn't think about using a recipe in it for the dinner! another reason to look through it, oh well  ::)

RE: spelt, i've read conflicting reports online about how appropriate it is for gluten allergies... my friend who is g.i. eats spelt, but i've read that some gi individuals can't do it.


What about brown rice pasta with veggies and sauce?  I bet you could even toss in some TSC in a tomato sauce with chunks of portabello mushrooms.

Easy, transportable in a casserole dish and delish!


One thing you may want to be aware of is how many foods have wheat in them that you wouldn't expect  (Soy sauce, for example). 

Quinoa + tempeh/tofu + sauteed kale makes a great meal that is gluten free and full of protein, iron, and fiber.   

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