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vegan replacemnt for egg??

hey guys, i was just wondering is there a vegan equilevant for eggs to use as a binding agfent while cooking??

thanks guys

The most common and widely available at health food stores would be Ener-G Egg Replacer. I find it works really well in baking, never tried it in actual egg dishes, like say omelettes.


"The most common and widely available at health food stores would be Ener-G Egg Replacer."

I think that depends on where you are. I never see Ener-G Egg Replacer in stores here (I'm in Canada) but many stores carry an egg replacer called King's Mill.

I've also heard of other brands of egg replacer such as Allergycare, and Orgran. I believe they might be found primarily in the UK (but, I could be wrong)

As for other egg substitutes, it really depends on what you are using the egg for, whether it's leavening, binding, thickening, etc. I just did a quick search at and here are some pages I found that explain vegan egg replacers more thoroughly:

Hope this helps!


In baking, using flaxseed ( a spoonful ) soaked in enough hot water to eqaul approximately an egg, let sit for about 15 minutes. I usually use a mortar and pestle to grind the flax, so they thicken quicker and digest more easily. This works well in cookies, cakes and such. You can also use cold water, its just slower.


A lot of times you don't need the egg at all.  Especially if your leavener is baking soda/powder.  If you need the liquid in the recipe, you can usually use water, soy/rice/whatever milk, applesauce etc.

If you really want the egg replacer though, my two best suggestions are:

1-2 Tbs flax seed powder (Make sure it's the powdered form, not just ground flaxseed which can make really gritty "eggs"), mixed with 1/4 cup warm water.  Blend in a blender, let it sit a few minutes, and it will thicken and become exactly egg like in consistency.  That's for 1 egg, double , triple, etc. the amount depending on what you need.

The other thing that works best for me is sweet potato puree.  This is a pain to make if you are only making one thing, but if you're making a bunch of cakes and brownies for an occasion, this is the way to go.  Bake some sweet potatos until soft, scoop out the insides, and blend until pureed.  It should be thick, but if it seems like glue, add a little water.  I use about 1/4 cup for every egg in a recipe. 

Hope that helps.


Or if you wanna be lazy, canned pumpkin works, without all the effort of baking, scooping, and pureeing. Plus you don't have to plan ahead--if I wanted to make cookies, the urge would be past before the sweet potatoes were even in the oven. Makes really tasty pancakes!


if im baking something like cookies or cupcakes i use 1/4c. soy yogurt for every 1 egg in a recipe


Another thing that works good for pancakes, cookies and cakes is applesauce or bananas. You'll need to experiment with the amount, I find it to be different in each recipe. It also sweetens it a fair amount, especially the banana. Mind you, I use over-ripe frozen ones, which are extra sweet. Happy baking! :)

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