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vegan meats and cheeses in a nutritious diet

yes i choses.


This is weird, I typed out a whole thing but it didn't actually post. Hmmm. Well here it is:

I have been relying more heavily on fake meats and cheeses (particularly daiya and gardein) as a convenient way to make things for dinner but I know they are high in fat and heavily processed. Dr. McDougall, whose book I've been reading, recommends not using these and even seems to think they are not necessarily healthier than their carnist counterparts. What do you think of these items as part of a nutritious vegan diet? Do you use them or do you rely more on whole unprocessed, naturally vegan foods?
How do you arrange your meals? Do you veganize the meat+potatoes standard or go completely different?


I've always know them to be lower, verify it though.


I wouldn't rely on these products on a regular basis as they really don't provide a lot of nutrition and are generally expensive.  However, they can be a nice special occasion treat or help curb a craving and if they keep someone from consuming dairy and meat, products of immense and avoidable suffering, than they have their place.  Sometimes a pizza just isn't a pizza without a little daiya right?  I love nutritional yeast or nut cheese but variety and a healthy attitude about food, not too restrictive, helps too.  

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