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Vegan Gluten Free Menu Thread


My family recently transitioned to a gluten free diet and I know there's lots of fellow Vegwebbers who do the same. We also avoid most processed products and try not to eat a ton of soy. Coming up with creative, delicious meals can be challenging even without food restrictions. I thought it would be cool to have a place where we can post ideas.

Here's the last few meals we cooked that everyone (my partner, the kiddo and myself) enjoyed:

* Sesame sweet potato noodles, stir fried julienned veggies, Korean spiced kidney beans  (This recipe:

* Big pot of gumbo, corn fritters

* Salad of mixed greens, tomato, avocado and cucumber tossed in green goddess dressing and topped with scoops of chickpea salad

* Chickpea quinoa pilaf, grilled squash, roasted baby potatoes

* GF biscuits (using the Bob's Red Mill baking mix) and gravy, tempeh bacon and fruit

* Lentil soup, aloo gobi, rice

* GF falafel lettuce wraps, tahini sauce, Moroccan spiced veggie kebabs over rice

And of course lots and lots of tacos, tostadas, enchiladas, tamale pie etc. Vegan, GF mex is easy and so good! What are your favorites? I am always up for new suggestions. Thanks :)

From this weekend:

*Walnut cremini pate (from Vcon) with flax crackers and crudites, butternut squash bisque w/lemon cashew cream, spinach salad, wild mushroom risotto (we had company)

* Tofu lettuce wraps, veggie lemongrass vermicelli bowls


Are you still looking for ideas?

Chilis and soups.

Veggie burgers (just serve without the bun or with a gf bread)  Extraveganza has a nice recipe that doesn't have soy. 

Pasta using rice pasta

Pancakes and waffles using gf mix in place of wheat flour.  I've done this with many of Isa Moskowitz's recipes (Vegan with a Vengance and Vegan Brunch) and they work fine.  OK, sometimes I need to adjust the liquid a bit but it does work.

Something unusual is chickpea tart from Voluptuous Vegan.  It's like polenta only using chickpea flour instead of cornmeal.  Oh, speaking of that, polenta.

There are a couple of vegan, gf cookbooks out there too.



hominy, kale, chickpea soup

stir-fry over rice

veggie burgers with oven fries (no bun)

baked beans on baked potatoes

aloo gobi or dahl on rice

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