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Currently in love with tofu ricotta/ tofeta... favorite stuffee items: cherry tomatoes, large shell pasta/ manicotti, sauteed button 'shrooms, sweet peppers, hot (roasted) peppers, poblanos (which can be either)... um, zuchini or Japanese eggplant strips... what else??!! must... stuff things... gasp!... with tofu-cheeze...  (ideas hereby solicited!!)

Mushroom tops (stuff with spiced/herbed cheeze and slip under broiler)
Cabbage rolls
Wonton/springroll wrappers
Hollowed-out bread rolls, stuffed and then browned in oven
Jalapeño or other chilli peppers
Shell pasta

I realise some of these you've mentioned, but hey, these are what I've stuffed myself.


maybe you can make some "hot pockets" with the stuff or use it on pizza?


GRAPE LEAVES! But not with cheese and tofu.


Currently in love with tofu ricotta/ tofeta... 

what recipe are you using?


At this point I usually just wing it; but I started with the Tofu Feta recipe from 'Skinny Bitch in the Kitch' (basically crumbled tofu, lemon juice, fresh oregano, salt, & a bit of nooch I think) & the 'ricotta' recipe from the only problem is that I have to 'taste' it so so so frequently-- to get the seasonings right, ya know!!-- that by the time I'm done making it, I've eaten it all.  ;D

I've been wanting to try Bryanna Clark Grogan's tofu feta recipe, which has salt brine and agar powder & preservation in seasoned oil, but I keep (a) eating up all my tofu before getting around to it &/or (b) forgetting to buy agar powder... oh well: it's important to have goals, right?! ;-)

Also: hot pockets (especially w/ marinara & Daiya mozzarella), wontons, & cabbage rolls... (forehead smack!) I shoulda thought of that... and hmmm, grape leaves go with feta flavors, right? hmmm... research is called for!

If I got out a pastry-bag or melon-baller I bet I could stuff radishes or mondo olives, with good effect...


Grape leaves and tofu feta sounds good if you mix something else in with it as well. Olives?


ya that vegweb recipe you listed is the feta mix i love (i leave out the cream cheese though) <3

do you use your skinny bitch in the kitch cookbook? i remember browsing through it and not seeing anything that was easy to make... that's when i first went vegan tho... is it worth cracking open again?


well... I kinda had the same reaction... the tofu feta recipe (as a starting point, anyway, not necessarily exactly as written) is what I've used most, tho there are lotsa other things there that  I dogeared/ may try sometime... like you say: lotta complexity, plus a lot of processed 'substitutes' that I just don't buy all that often... so I haven't really used this cookbook too much. (Then again, since finding vegweb, haven't used MOST of my cookbooks much, haha!)  ::)


Pancakes, French Toast, bread.

You can stuff eggplant, okra, potatoes, squash/gourd.


Pancakes, French Toast

did you smoke crack for breakfast? ewwwwwwww



make calzones, spanakopita, make some tofu ricotta and feta based dips.

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