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sugar alternatives?

hi i want to bake a cake for my health freak friend who won't eat cane sugar. just wondering are there any natural (not artificial sweeteners, yuck) DRY sugar substitutes out there?

there is beet sugar, sucanat, raw sugars, that brown stuff i see at the co-op i can't remember the name of...

there are also wet ones like maple syrup, brown rice syrup....but you didn't want those. i see lots of cake recipies that use ms. humm.


thanks! the only reason i wanted dry substitutes is if you use wet ones like maple syrup then you'd have to change other bits of the recipe and i thought it might get too confusing! but i've used maple syrup in cakes and it's really good. i might look for beet sugar too.


my market carries powdered brown rice syrup, but it's pricey!!

i won't eat cane sugar either - the powdered brown rice syrup isn't as sweet.


I saw some dry date sugar at a place by my house. Very sweet and natural.


healthymomma, you may want to try maple sugar which is just evaporated maple syrup...very yummy but pricey.

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