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So what are you cooking this weekend?

I can't decide. I know Tempeh Sausage Crumbles will be on my list & BayPuppy, I promise I will not make the White Bean Sausage Gravy but use the crumbles on something else -- probably pizza.

I'm craving something sweet & might make the pudding cake, too.

What about you?

I have two packages of Tempeh just waiting for me to cook them up.  But I am not sure how!  Quick someone give me a good entree using one of them to take to my in-laws!

Since said in-law visit coincides with my MiL's bday I am helping the SiL cook dinner.  She is doing salmon while I will make rice, asperagus, a second veg and a vegan cake.

Should be fun!  Second veg will probably be brocolli, lightly steamed, maybe with a hint of lemon.  Rice may be a pilaf with grains and veg broth or earth balance.  Since I don't know how she will cook the flesh I am kind of up in the air on how to do the sides till I know. 

I ordered the Hostess Twinke bake set from Bed Bath & Beyond but it won't be in till Monday, so I can't make vegan twinkies or corn dogs till then. :(


Tempeh ideas:  Slice them, marinade in a smokey flavored marinade overnight, then bake on the oven for about 20 minutes...voila!  "Bacon".  I use this for "TLT"s with spring greens, tomatos and vegan ranch dressing! ;D 

Also, for the tempeh sausage crumble post, I recently added italian seasonings, grated vegan cheese (I use Follow your Heart) and some bread crumbs to my sausage crumbles, and made it into a stuffing for red bell peppers. Baked in the oven for about 25 minutes...they were good.  My husband, who is NOT vegan, requested them again this week! Go figure! We had them with brown rice and salad.


yes, yes yes, put them on the pizza. it's soo good! maybe i'll do that tonight if i get the energy.

i think i'm going to make some bread or pitas, i've had a bad craving for some carbs. maybe some cinnamon rolls?

and some soup or healthy something.


i made soup. no snasage pizza.

1 can black beans, some frozen corn and pepper mix, smig of oil, enough water to get it soupy in the blender and spices. now that's some home cookin'


i think i'm going to make some bread or pitas, i've had a bad craving for some carbs. maybe some cinnamon rolls?

I made this recipe last's very good! My husband loves PB&J sandwiches, so I thought he might like this. The recipe doesn't say, but I made a 1.5lb. loaf and I also used an entire packet of yeast. Turned out great!


I think I'm finally going to make the pizza that I was talking about a few weeks ago.  Maybe with a salad on the side.  :)


ohh, i've looked at the recipe before. i'll have to try it but i think i only have almond butter in the house (pb is in my office at school  :'() thanks for recommending it! yumm, bread.

yes, screw it, i'm gonna make it.  ;D ;D ;D

wait, i don't have a stupid bread machine  >:(

i will do it anyways. 375 for 45 minutes sound good?  :-\


im only making noodles cos im at work for the weekend :(

what's a twinkie look like?  corn dogs, that's a hotdog in cornbread right?


twinkies? you don't know what a twinkie is?  :o just kiddin'

they are yellow cakes that are like four inches long and filled with white creme icing stuff. corndog is a hotdog wraped in cornbread.

i'm letting my almond butter and jelly bread rise. then in the oven, then in my stomach!

I made the orange-glazed tofu from vegitarian times (new issue) and oh my gosh i want to cook the rest and eat it up. i made 1/4 inch slices, marinated, and popped them on a fry pan with a touch of oil. good thing the asian food store has tofu for 30 cents a hunk (bulk) cause i'm in love!

also made some brown rice and spelt salad with currants and walnuts. its a good food weekend!


I just made vegan cinammon buns (going to upload the recipe in a sec) and Spinach & Potato Knishes from VWAV. They were really easy to make, just time consuming. The recipe makes 15 knishes (5 of each flavour: sweet potato, spinach, and plain potato), but I just made one giant batch of spinach. I used 6 large russet potatoes and one package of frozen spinach and that was enough filling for all 15. Next time I want to try the sweet potato! Anyway, they're baking right now. I'll let you know how they turn out. The filling tasted great on its own, though.


I was way to chicken to try out tempeh for dinner tonight.  So I grabbed a package of tofu (Bridge brand which is local for me) and baked it an hour with lemon zest, juice and 1c concentrated broth.  Was yummy.

Tomorrow night will be tempeh with mac & chreeze and kale.  How to cook it as a stand alongside side dishes entree, I don't know yet.  Perhaps marinade in my standard concentrated broth, steam slightly and then fry up.  *shrugs*  Darn you experts! Suddenly so quiet.


hi cali! i would suggest making the tempeh sausage crumbles from VWAV and putting them in the mac and chreeeze! that's very good!

LMAO!!  ;D ;D ;D ;D

i really do eat those suckers every way imaginable...

and my pb and j bread turned out great. a little extra cooked (it like speed baked) but it does have a nice flavor to it.


I made the sausage tempeh crumbles again -- this time I doubled the recipe. So I put half in the white bean & tempeh crumbles gravy recipe (Dang! I am hooked on that stuff!) & we put 1/2 of the rest of the crumbles on pizza. It was sooooooooo good! There's a little bit of plain pasta left in the fridge. My husband asked me to not eat the remaining crumbles as he wants to try them on the pasta with some red sauce.

Baypuppy, these crumbles are going to become a staple in my house!

Oh & I also made a batch of chile. Today I will bake some cornbread to go with it.


8) yes! they freeze well too, if you want to make like 100 lbs of them at a time lol

i should try that white bean gravy stuff. if it have the crumbles in it, it must be good. i'm just scared of trying to make biscuts. i don't have a rational fear since yeast breads and i are total friends, but biscuts just seem too fancy for me.


Last night I was so lazy and not very hungry, I waited
until is was fairly late. Then, when I finally got hungry
I made some of my own invention; Japanese Rocket Soup,
which I posted here some time ago.

Tonight I bet I'll simply go back to brown rice, veggies
and some tempeh. I have been big at making curry flavored
tempeh, with very hot curry....(which I mix up myself).


Today I tried the VWAV recipe for Green Thai Curry. Lezly, I think you would like this one. It's spicy! As my husband says, "it puts hair on your hair."  ;D


my last cooking adventure of the weekend, i promise! (for some reason the more school work i have the more time i spend cookin!)

i made the fronch toast (VWAV) with the peanut butter and jelly bread and it's heavenly. oh, soo good. i would recomend letting the slices dry a bit, since the end hunk made a nicer toast than the un-end piece. served with hashbrowns and, you guessed it, tempeh sausage crumbles.

i need to make more crumbles, i'm running low  :'(


This is a little late, but I made:

From Vegan Lunchbox, the corn dogs: (scroll down to March 7th)

they were a huge hit and so easy to make. And it's a great cornbread recipe.

And the twinkies:

Also a hit. I couldn't find barley malt powder, so I used the filling from VWaV.
My nephew said they tasted like fluffy sugar cookies.

From Eden Foods, pumpkin soup:

It was good, but I think it needs something, just not sure what.  Also quite easy to make.

And, from VWaV, the Lemon-Corn Waffles with Blueberry topping.
This was the best thing I made. The flavors are perfect.  And the blueberry topping is so good.


So last night I cooked a bit.  Hubby wanted evil kraft death in a blue box, so I had leftover rice and the last of the frozen peas and corn.  I also made Tempeh.  My second only attempt ever!

I sliced it up into small rectangles, kind of on a 45 degree angle to get them wider.  Simmered in 1c water with a bullion cube and garlic powder.  Once the water was absorbed I removed them from the pan and wiped it out.  A healthy amount of canola oil and med high heat I fried these seasoned slices up to crispy.  My hubby and I enjoyed them.  I loved the super crispy ones over the slightly fried ones.

We ate these as a protein side to our starch and veggies.  I need to experiment more with this, and luckily I do have another package in the fridge, though this one is marinated in soy sauce I think.


When I was a kid I lived on Twinkies. I loved all that crap, but Twinkies were my first love.


I made sweet potato and black bean enchiladas from Vegan Planet.  Soooo good!  I even packed some leftovers in my lunch for today. :P  You guys have to try that recipe.  It's easy and yummy too!  My omni honey was all over them last night.



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