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Seeking a few restaurant reviews.......

Yay, it's almost time to leave for my trip up the pacific northwest! these are the restaurants I am considering patronizing, but i'll probably have to scrap a few since there are only so many meals in a day....i was hoping that people who have been to any or all of these might be able to tell me which ones i just CANNOT miss, and which ones i might be able to skip. thanks!!

Eugene, OR: Morning Glory Cafe, Pizza Research Institute

Portland, OR: Veganopolis, Paradox, The Blue Monk, Food Fight Grocery

Seattle, WA: Mighty O Donuts, Cyberdogs, Globe, Hillside Quickie, Pizza Pi, Wayward Cafe, Araya Thai, Carmelita.

Thanks in advance!!

Go to Hillside Quickie, sooooo yummy!  I crave these sandwiches!  Seitan Steak is my favorite!!  And if you have room for dessert have some of the carrot cake. ;D 


Thanks! I can't wait to try this place. I went to their website and everything looks absolutely amazing!

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