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Reposting my TDF Dragonfly's Marinated Tofu sm

1 lb extra firm tofu
1/3 c tamari (or shoyu)
1/4 c seasoned rice vinegar
3 Tblsp brown rice syrup
2 tsps TOASTED sesame oil
fresh minced garlic to your taste
fresh grated ginger to your taste

If you wish to grill these outside, you'll need to cut triangles.  Put the block on its biggest side.  Cut cattywhampus into two triangles. Put the just cut sides flat on your cutting board and make 4 slices.  You should have 8 Isosiles (sp?) triangles.

Mix the marinade well.  Place one side of the tofu in the liquid and flip them over, to coat both sides.  You'll have to turn them at least twice over over the next several hours.  Let the tofu soak up the liquid and it will soak it all up.

Grill, broil, pan fry as you like.  You could cut this in cubes, soak it overnight and then stirfry it too.  This is stuff is good and we eat it often. 

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