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recipes with poultry seasoning

I just purchased a bottle of poultry seasoning and its ingredients involve spices only and no kinds of animal fat. So I am guessing this is vegan friendly. Does anyone have any recipes that involve poultry seasoning? I have no idea how to use it, or how much of it to use, but this should mock the flavor of chicken, right?!

Poultry seasoning is an absolutely integral part of the stuffing i make for the holidays. it's a little out of season right now, but is very delicious. here is the recipe as best i remember it:

1 loaf day old sliced sourdough bread (or just plain white)
1 large onion, chopped into small pieces
2 sticks earch balance buttery spread
celery (if you like it, i leave it out)
veggie broth
poultry seasoning

melt the two sticks of earth balance in a large frying pan. sautee the onion in the butter until translucent and soft. let cool. meanwhile, tear the bread into small squares, maybe .5 square inches or so. put the bread in a large bowl. if you are using celery, chop and add to the bread. season the bread with the salt, pepper, and poultry seasoning to taste. i like a LOT of poultry seasoning. now add the onion and earth balance mixture, which should be cooled. mix together with hands, turning gently. next, add vegetable broth a cup at a time and mix well! you want to coat everything with the broth. the mixture should be moist but NOT soggy. not sure exactly how much broth you will need; it varies. now take the stuffing and enclose it in tinfoil packets. you can probably make 3 or 4 smallish packets, so it cooks evenly. put in the oven and bake for a half an hour or so at 350. this is our traditional family stuffing recipe, simply veganized by subbing earth balance for butter and veggie broth for eggs. delicious.


I love poultry seasoning, although I wish it had a different name! I add it to all sorts of savory things -- soup, casseroles even muffins & breads.


If I added poultry seasoning to tofu and then fried it as a scramble, would it taste alright, or would I need to add other spices?


It would be good, but I would definitely add some nutritional yeast to the tofu, too.

Smack lips.


Adding it to fried tofu (while you're frying it in the pan) is great.  Cube the tofu (firm works best, frozen, defrosted then drained of liquid), oil the pan, sprinkle some seasoning on it and a splash of braggs or soy.  Toss (move the cubes around) with a wooden spoon or whatever and once each side looks a little brown - serve with whatever.

I have a hard time not eating it straight away out of the pan.  Not much gets to be added to my "other food" ha!

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