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Re: Perhaps I should return to near-veganism...

I think Vegan Vittles has an omelette recipe.  I will look at it tonight and let you know.  Trying to find one is high on my list of priorities too.

I don't know about nutrient decay, but I toss precooked veggies in the fridge and freezer all the time.  If I know I won't use them in a week, they go in the freezer.  Thawing the veggies makes them liquidy and sometimes squishy.  Perhaps if you only partially cook them if you plan on freezing, then they finish cooking on the reheat?

Honestly, I just drain the extra liquid or allow it to flavor the dish.

VWAV has a frittata recipe & the Uncheese Cookbook has a quiche recipe, although I used the potato crust from that book & the quiche filling from VegWeb. It was delicious!


Hi Sandyha. I haven't post here much lately, but your
question caught my attention. You can store cooked veggies
in the fridge, but they will not have the same texture as
fresh cooked ones. I'm not sure how much time you will
really save as you will still have to re-heat the veggies
(and you will still have one pot or pan to clean). I find
quickly stir-frying or steaming the quickest part of
making a meal. It is the rice that takes a long time.
Some things do get better if stored for a while (like
potato salad). Howe'ver some things are terrible (like
steamed kale/collards). Kale will steam well in about 90
seconds, once the water is steaming.  Once again, I'm not
sure how much time you will really save and fresh cooked
stuff is really a treat.


ok...i'm a is it possible to become a lectures, no fingerpointing only 2 or three thot's on how to start..........dg

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